Request to Medical Professionals for Electromagnetic Education

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8 October 2020

Request to All Medical Professionals for Electromagnetic Education

Fighting against environmental pollutants is often hindered by ignorance, corporate public relations, and the fact that the burden of harm often rests on consumers or victims.

In 2012, in my 40s, I realized I was electromagnetically sensitive after surprising pain near routers and cellphones. Yet, others refused to validate my experience, often based on the lack of medical acceptance. I endured losses, including to finances and status of being of sound mind.

Medical professionals have a pivotal say in whether society recognizes environmental pollutants and ensuing harm. The ignorance or knowledge of a medical professional can decide how a patient is treated: whether with scorn, kindness, or intelligence.

Given this social responsibility, I ask that you educate yourself and colleagues on non-ionizing radiation science with an open mind. While resources are listed below for independent study, attending an upcoming medical conference may help establish a broad base of knowledge, earn CMEs, and introduce you to supportive colleagues.

A kindness would be recognition of electromagnetic sensitivity, not just behind closed doors, but as letters to family members and in public, as a political statement ideally with colleagues.

When possible, I do what I can, developing legislation, researching, and writing such as available at However, public awareness and support comparable to the  civil rights marches led by Martin Luther King, Jr, would be far more persuasive to public officials.

In Massachusetts, I’ve seen both legislators and advocates advance corporate-friendly wireless legislation, such as how to help corporations with lost sales or to allow corporations to recommend laws. I’m concerned deceptive legislation favoring businesses will continue to move forward under the guise of “moderation” with empty promises.

I welcome truthful patient education and hope for ensuing political support.


Kirstin Beatty

Co-chair of Last Tree Laws, a Massachusetts ballot measure entity



  1. MA Legislation at; lawsuits and other examples of state legislation on top menu

  2. Register for virtual conference, held 28-31 January, Thursday – Sunday, at

  3. Bioinitiative dot org (see Henry Lai’s research summaries)

  4. Physicians for Safe Technology

  5. is my own site with some information and a job-seeking resume

  6. EMF-Portal search engine (Aachen University, Germany)

  7. Additional resources at


PDF Download: Request for Medical Education





Asking Legislators to Sponsor Bills – Model

The following is an UPDATED model to ask state legislators to sponsor bills as listed under MA Legislationmake a phone call first!

Legislative contact information can be found at the MA legislature or Openstates. For Kirstin’s #, contact by email!



Hello Senator ____ and Representative ______:

I’m following up to ask if you would like to be a lead or supporting sponsor on one or more bills to regulate wireless, many written by Last Tree Laws co-chair Kirstin Beatty of Holyoke. A summary of bills is listed in the attachments, details are online at Last Tree Laws under MA Legislation.

Research indicates wireless is extremely harmful to our health, environment, and even a factor in climate change (see links to educational resources in attachments below).

Champions and supporters are needed.

Are you willing to:
    • sponsor or champion any of these bills?
    • join other sponsors to support their existing bills?
    • willing to call or email Kirstin to share feedback or offer assistance?

I hope so – you can email Kirstin using lasttreelaws@ followed by and cc: me if willing to help.

Best wishes,


Attached Below:
  1. Overview of proposed MA Legislation
  2. Educational resources on topic

Overview: proposed MA Legislation at Last Tree Laws:

  • 2020 – in play now!

    1. amendment to make 5G investigation more neutral – see version here or under MA legislation.
    2. opt out of smart meters (S. 1988) – Sen. Michael Moore
  • 2020 > 2021 – bills with prior sponsors:
    1. opting out of smart meters bill (S. 1988, still in play) – Sen. Michael Moore
    2. state recommendations for school exposures (changes recommended to strengthen) – Rep. Carolyn Dykema
    3. local control of cellular siting by railroads – Sen. Keenan
    4. Note – Senator Cyr’s bill on cellphone labeling probably can’t go forward due to a recent federal appeals court decision against labeling.
  • 2021 bills – ready as is:
    1. independent wireless investigation (see 2020 amendment above)
    2. hard-wire libraries
    3.  set school policy to reduce electromagnetic radiation/wireless
    4.  reduce school screen time, but retaining local control
  • 2021feedback sought, can be adapted
    1. make reducing exposures a quality control measure at hospitals (review)
    2. fund to hard-wire public schools
    3. educate patients
    4. ban certain dangerous facilities (review & discussion)
    5. registering towers – this was cosponsored with me in 2020 by Rep. Gonzalez
    6. Protect school technological privacy and safety (2 or 3 versions exist, one is listed)
    7. invest in hard-wiring facilities – this was cosponsored with me in 2020 by Rep. Gonzalez
  • 2021 bills suggested to write (see link for detailed content)
    1. resolution to reduce wireless
    2. setting insurance requirements on all cellular infrastructure
    3. monitoring of wireless levels
    4. set standard warning label for all manufactured goods (intended to get around prohibition on consumer awareness of cellphone warnings buried in manual)
    5. accounting transparency of state monies invested in telecommunications (will post version from another state when time)
  1. Education:

  2. General facts
  3. Disturbing reproductive effects, presentation reviewed by Dr. Paul Heroux
  4. 71 of 82 studies find wireless harmful to insects likely significant cause of decline; wireless harms & heats bees; research listing of nature’s sensitivity.
  5. At 35:23, Dr. Devra Devries says a cow brain heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit from 6 minutes 5G frequency exposure (39 GHz) – study by IEEE life-long fellow.
  6. Digital technology inordinately draws on energy, increases consumption, and creates pollution and waste.
  7. Climate change may be substantially influenced by wireless increasing electron precipitation (p.4, section 2).
  8. Digital technology is hijacking minds, & digital entrepreneurs are unplugging
  9. Opening of the blood-brain barrier for 2 weeks or more from wireless exposure, Physicians for Safe Technology – note this effect favors meningitis, Alzheimer’s, other nervous system diseases, etc.
  10. Immune & endocrine system harmed, Physicians for Safe Technology (scroll down page for research)
  11. Symptoms of exposure & electromagnetic sensitivity, by Dr. Beatrice Golomb (acclaimed research for work with statins, Gulf War illness)
  12. 5G summary (cataracts, bacterial resistance, etc.) by physician Dr. Cindy Russell
  13. Regulators steamroll health concerns (Dr. Moskowitz, Washington Spectator)
  14. World policy or regulations to restrict exposures, Environmental Health Trust

Support Attorney Healey’s Smart Grid Investigation

Support Attorney Healey’s Smart Grid Investigation

By Kirstin Beatty

Please consider submitting a letter (instructions and template below) to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) against the smart grid to assist the Attorney General’s investigation, which may lead to trial.

Deadline: Friday, 4 September, 5 PM Eastern.


The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities is accepting public “reply” comments on whether to expand the smart meter program, possibly to serve electric vehicles (EV). As a result of existing comments on the docket by various organizations and individuals as described here, the Massachusetts Attorney General is initiating a public investigation into the matters discussed in the docket, which included counter-arguments to the grid for reasons of health, environment, economic justice and civil rights.

See an excerpt of the statement below, where the Attorney General states she is engaging consultants to investigate the claims and suggest (propound) discovery, a pre-trial procedure:

Reply comments could help guide the Attorney General, with domino effects on smart grids in Massachusetts and others states, as well as upon 5G and other wireless technologies.

Reply comments are meant to reply to existing comments in the docket. The Attorney General’s initial comment was in support of smart meters in order to advance green technology and to save energy.

Filing comments may mean that you can be included in any court case filed against the DPU or the state. You would need to say in the docket and be able to prove you are being or would be harmed by grid expansion.

Do say if the smart grid harms you & how.

If expounding on a topic, pick one or two and just do those well  – the AG may have to read all comments. The best reply comments would probably include or be as follows:

      • Information on why smart meters are not green
      • Personal suffering and disability caused by the smart grid and/or wireless
      • Scientific and medical references
      • References from proven sources
      • Submissions from scientific and medical experts
      • Submissions by legislators, such as Senator Moore submitted
      • To thank Last Tree Laws, please link to the website in your submission!

A template and instructions are provided below.

Much thanks to Patricia Burke, who initially was very active with Halt Smart Meters Massachusetts and is likely the state smart meter expert, for sending a mass email encouraging comments on the DPU docket and for suggesting the topics of economic and environmental justice as well as health. Patricia Burke’s detailed comments can be found online here.

Submission Requirements:

Draft your statement and save as a .pdf file. The DPU requires a .pdf file to be posted to their website.

  1. Observe deadline – fillings are required by Friday, September 4, 5 PM Eastern
  2. Address email to:
  3. CC line: Please add Patricia’s gmail account, as she is confirming the DPU receives and posts emails – please cc Last Tree Laws as well:
    • gmail via stopsmartmetersmass@
    • via action@
  4. Subject line for email:
    • Reply Comment MA DPU 20-69 Modernization of Electric Grid Phase Two
  5. Place in text of email:
    • See attached reply comment of ___________ (your name) in Opposition to MA DPU 20-69 Modernization of Electric Grid Phase Two
    • Your name or company, title, credentials
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Note: File size may not exceed 20 MB, so larger files must be split. If you send additional attachments or articles other than your comment, please list them in the email.
  6. Craft your testimony in a separate document (not in the body of the email)
    • See template below.
    • Include your name and credentials at top
    • For all links and references, state at the end: “All references, including links, are incorporated into this testimony by reference.”
    • Do not include personal contact information, which will be posted online as part of the PDF.
  7. Save your document as a PDF. If you’re not sure how to create a .pdf file, reach out to Patricia’s gmail account and she’ll help: stopsmartmetersmass@
  8. Attach the PDF to your email and send.
  9. Check that your PDF is posted a few days later by typing 20-69 into this search box.



FROM:____[Name, credentials]_____

TO: Mark D. Marini, Secretary, Department of Public Utilities, One South Station, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110

RE: Reply Comment MA DPU 20-69 Modernization of Electric Grid Phase Two

Please halt any smart grid expansion and roll back existing installations. Right now, the question of safe wireless infrastructure is a subject of federal and state court cases. Proceeding is foolish. Smart meters threaten health, safety, resources, energy, and economic justice.

Expanding the smart grid in Massachusetts impacts me because _______.

I am going to discuss: _________.

[Discuss topic – for resources, see SmartMeterHarm dot org (reports); StopSmartMeters dot org (problem page); StopSmartMetersBC dot com (tabs of many issues); MichiganStopSmartMeters dot com (legal and other points); and ElectronicSilentSpring dot com (eco-focus) – EHTrust dot org and MDSafeTech dot org are also helpful]

Please take these concerns into consideration.


Appeal to Amend 5G Bills and Smart Opt Out

Appeal to Amend 5G Bills and Support Allow Smart Meter Opt Out

The following is a simple, short email that can be modified to send to your legislators as well, followed by phone call if no response. Ideally, the committees with the bills would get this as well.
Email addresses:
Speaker of the House Rep. Robert Deleo:
Senator Rodiguez, Chair of Senate Ways & Means:
Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Chair of House Ways & Means:
Senate President Karen Spilka:
23 August 2020
Hello Rep.s — and Senators —:
Please set up an appointment with me and co-chair Kirstin Beatty via (elm@) to discuss relevant legislation for 2021.

Secondly, please fully support S.1988, a bill to allow free opt-outs of wireless digital meters:

      • Support: S. 1988 in the Senate Ways and Means Committee
Thirdly, these two 5G bills benefit or may benefit industry:
      • Halt or Amend: H. 383 is in the House Committee on Rules
      • Amend: S. 129 is in the Senate Ways and Means Committee
Both of these terrible bills can be amended.
Kirstin has written a very sensible replacement text, listed below this email and available at under MA Legislation, since 5G needs to be halted.
Please act for me and others. I am concerned –[add thoughts]-.  Dr. Devra Davis, who shared a Nobel Prize with Al Gore, wrote a relevant appeal that Massachusetts legislators protect youth from wireless radiation.


[Add your name]

[Add your town]


For amendment of H. 383 OR S. 129 – a full replacement text

Or as a new bill in 2021

Prepared by Kirstin Beatty (, co-chair of Last Tree Laws)

The following changes were made to insure a wide range of stakeholders are representated in all fairness, and to emphasize independence. The major stakeholder missing would be the sick and poor, who haven’t time or money to participate. Excepting the American Environmental Academy of Medicine, none of the organizations have made a public statement on this issue.

A Wireless or Electromagnetic Investigation


Resolved, Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, there shall be a special commission to research the impact of electromagnetic (EMR) and radiofrequency (RFR) radiation on consumer protection, public health, and and the environment, and determine, if detrimental, how to allay health and financial repercussions, the former having primacy.

The commission shall be composed of the following 21 members, as follows:

(a) The Attorney General or designee;

(b) A nominee of the Massachusetts Teachers Association;

(c) One union member nominated by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO;

(d) One telecommunications worker representative nominated by the Communications Workers of America;

(e) One doctor nominated by the American Environmental Academy of Medicine;

(f) One scientist nominated by the Silent Spring Institute;

(g) One doctor nominated by the Massachusetts Medical Society, ideally with expertise in either cancer, neuroscience, or infertility;

(h) One scientist nominated by Community Action Works;

(i) One pediatric doctor nominated by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics;

(j) One representative or lawyer nominated by the Massachusetts Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action;

(k) 2 representatives nominated by the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union;

(l) A representative of the State House selected by the Speaker of the House;

(m) A senator of the State Senate selected by the President of the Senate;

(n) A representative of small business appointed by the governor;

(o) 3 non-voting members appointed by governor:

    • Telecommunications representative;
    • Medical system representative;
    • Engineer in wireless networks;

(p) 4 non-voting commissioners, directors, or their designees for the following departments:

    • Public Health
    • Telecommunications and Cable;
    • Technical Assistance and Technology Office;
    • Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation.

Chairmanship, legislative and policy decisions for reports to the Commonwealth shall be decided by vote of all members with voting status. Commission members shall elect a chair by majority vote, who may be replaced at any time upon majority vote.

No voting member or spouse of voting member of the commission shall have a history of or current telecommunication, energy, IT, or utility industry clients or job dependency; nor shall any voting member have current telecommunications, energy, IT, or utility direct financial investments exceeding the sum of $5,000. No voting member or spouse of a voting member of the commission shall receive funding or a job from telecommunication, energy, IT, or utilities in the two years following the commission’s final report. All commission members must file a statement of any relevant conflicts of interest as specified above, including in relation to immediate family members, i.e. parents, children, siblings, uncles, aunts, with the Secretary of State during the commission period and continuing through each year until two years after the commission ends. These statements must be made public by the Secretary of State.

The meetings and communications shall be subject to the Massachusetts open meeting laws so as to be transparent. The commission shall be assisted by and have access to the resources available to the legislature and the executive branch in its investigations. The commission shall file a report of its recommendations and proposed legislation or regulatory changes, if any, with the clerks of the House and Senate and with the chairs of the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure not later than December 31st 2022, and may file a series of reports.


5G Actions

Massachusetts – Actions:

  • Our action will involve outreach relevant local organizations, professionals, and leaders with reasons to stop 5G such as via:
      • State Legislators:
      • Social media:
        • Check our this web page for links on Saturday
        • Twitter – you can retweet from @BeattyKirstin, co-chair, and other advocates or organizations – we don’t have a LastTreeLaws account!
        • Check Facebook for helpful posts or links to share on Saturday:
      • Letters to the editor such as to the following papers which may hit leaders with influence on current bills (choose one paper):
        • your local paper (most likely to publish your letter)
      • Contacting Medical Doctors:
        • Physicians for Safe Technology 5G Letter
        • Invitation to electromagnetic medical conference or independent study
      • Contacting Eco-Organizations:

Other Resources for the event:

    • First, please mention Last Tree Laws if you can – we’d like to expand our outreach and support for the legislation we’ve prepared. That can only happen with connections, support, and publicity.
    • Connect on Facebook as well – either Last Tree Laws or through Stop 5G Massachusetts we will share ideas.
    • Recent News to Share:
    • More Resources:
        • resources here, including wireless awareness materials (environmental, medical, etc.)
        • resources at Stop5GInternational


10 October Session

Cancelled Q&A due to illness. Cancelled due to CA fires School Surveillance Presentation

Safer Technology Teleconference Series

Ask questions in comments below – no email required.


Previous Teleconferences:

29 August 2020 ~ 5G Strategies

1 August 2020, Saturday, 3 PM ~ How to Get Safer, Respectful Technology

Teleconference Number – dial 1 (302) 202 – 1104 and enter code 483409.

      • Discussion of health and social impacts of technology & solutions. Led by Last Tree Laws co-chair Kirstin Beatty, a former teacher in Springfield public schools. This event is sponsored by the Springfield Cultural Council and therefore Springfield residents have priority seats. This is part of a grant titled  “Safer Technology, Healthier Society.”