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PETITION COUNTBefore you turn in and know how many voter signatures you have, please go to this page and answer how many petitions you are working on and, before 22 November, keep sharing how many signatures collected. We MUST count the radiation limits petition before 22 November because otherwise they won’t be verified! On 22 November we must inform the state if we have enough signatures to require counting – see here for more information.

PRINT OR REQUEST A PETITION – Print the petition PDF if you can follow printing instructions! Otherwise, email for locations, check the calendar for events, or make a request here or through the donation form.

SIGNING INSTRUCTIONS – Click here for legally acceptable signatures and here for where you can legally request them. Printable

FIND CLERK TO TURN IN PETITION – To find your town clerk or voter registration, click here. For a list of all town clerks, click here. Folded petitions are okay.

RETURN PETITIONS AFTER CLERKS VERIFY – Please see our blog post for instructions, or click here to volunteer to help collect and/or deliver petitions to Boston by the 6 December deadline.

SUGGESTION BOX – Click here to make suggestions for petition improvement.



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