Social and environmental health legislation and laws possible with your support! Support our current list of preferred MA state legislation at this link!

  1. Pesticide Action. If you live in or represent a local or relevant organization, please sign this letter for Holyoke to prevent aerial spraying of a toxic pesticide. See the resources page, chemicals section, for more information.
  2. Building MA Legislation Support. Please share MA Legislation listed relevant bills or see this PDF of bills with legislators, schools, and others, as well as educational resources.
  3. Write & Share MA Testimony. Last year, the legislature did not count all the testimony in support of some of our bills. This year, we request a copy of testimony you've written for the starred legislation on the MA legislation page. Information and instructions are listed on the MA Legislation page, but supporting testimony can be emailed with the bill number to testimony@ preceding our domain name lasttreelaws.com or better (we don't have the $ for printing) mailed to Kirstin Beatty, 149 Central Pk Dr, Holyoke, MA 01040.

  1. FEDS - Wired Only! Tell Biden & your federal legislators we want wired communications only - and tell your state legislators you want wired-only too! See our 2 phone scripts, contact info, & summary of federal wireless legislation.
  2. CA - Stop 5G bills.

Safe & Sound Pro measurements - Dr. Magda Havas asks citizens to survey and report local wireless levels. See https://globalemf.net for information.

  1. Warning on Movement & Support - Kirstin's concerns in a blog post.
  2. Mailing List. We are setting up a new email list. To join, please send an email with contact info (email, phone) & your interest since we would like to know who you are, possibly verify, and not just get an address sent to:
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  6. News and Resources. The Resources page is now listed under the Why? navigation bar, and will include news once reset. Please use the resources page to help educate others.
  7. Help. We are looking for help from you! We need mega help with everything, so please contact us to offer what you can.
  8. Donations are needed. Please donate to the ballot measure committee. Or you can be a patron of Kirstin's educational and research work (see Beatty.fyi or instructions below), since this isn't covered by the ballot measure committee. We are not a nonprofit despite volunteering, so lack access to supporting grants or cheaper nonprofit prices.
  9. Social media. We're not so active, but are on Facebook as Last Tree Laws and Stop 5G Massachusetts and welcome support. Kirstin is also on Twitter as @BeattyKirstin.

Important Update: If donating right now, consider supporting Kirstin's research & writing work instead, since we are looking at setting up a new Last Tree Laws 2021 account for a different purpose.

Please consider donating to Last Tree Laws! We do not have the funds needed for basics needed for a ballot measure. Please also consider supporting Kirstin's educational, writing, and research work, which isn't covered by the ballot committee donations. We are not a nonprofit, and so do not have access to grants and cheaper prices.

LAST TREE LAWS. Donate online or by check! For online, see the donate link in the navigation menu or the donorbox at the top of the MA Legislation page. Here is how to send a check:

    • Mail to Last Tree Laws, c/o K. Beatty, 149 Central Pk Dr, Holyoke, MA, 01040
    • Address check to Last Tree Laws (cash is restricted)
    • Include this information (required by law - the state accounts for this and it is public information):
      1. Your occupation
      2. Your employer
      3. Your name and address

KIRSTIN BEATTY. Consider supporting Kirstin's related research, writing, and educational work, rather than the ballot measure committee for which Kirstin volunteers time. Here is how to do so:

    • Visit the website Beatty.fyi and use online donation system, or
    • Use US postal service:
      1. Mail check to K. Beatty, 149 Central Park Drive, Holyoke, MA 01040
      2. Address check to Kirstin Beatty

We've posted resources and information freely to educate, and will continue in hopes that you will act and lead on these issues independently. We hope a swarm of independent actions will disrupt industry manipulations.

Officially, the leadership is as follows:

Kirstin Beatty, director and ballot measure co-chair, who became active after becoming ill from wireless exposures. Kirstin works on writing, content, legislation, and research for Last Tree Laws as a volunteer. She has a website, Beatty.fyi, with further writings, educational materials, and an option for patronage. Her Twitter tag is @BeattyKirstin.

Tatiana Cheeks, ballot measure co-chair, was successful in initiating and working with Science for the People for greater accountability to prevent mold in housing. Tatiana is also a long-time volunteer with Springfield-based ARISE, which focuses on the rights of the poor such as access to safe environment and housing.

Anonymous is the webmaster, who prefers to remain anonymous!

We're focused on legislative avenues for change. Last Tree Laws formed as a Massachusetts ballot measure committee to put forward popular legislation that state legislators will not put forward for a vote.

Reducing wireless exposures has been another point of focus. Kirstin has drafted original legislative solutions, such as to eliminate a PreK-12 public school screen time mandate or to register cell towers.

Other work includes:

  • Analyzing Massachusetts laws & conflicts;
  • Researching & synthesizing relevant information;
  • Freely sharing information neatly online;
  • Organizing educational events;
  • Stop 5G MA ordinance development;
  • Ballot measure development.

We are behind on working on a Massachusetts ballot measure, since there have been many technological problems with email and the website besides other demands on time. Therefore, we can't be specific as yet as we do not want to share until greater certainty exists.

We have not settled on a final topic or draft of legislation, despite having several options. We simply are interested in choosing a broadly popular topic that the state legislature would not likely pass due to industry opposition.

Although we are working on legislation to limit wireless exposures, this is not a topic that would be easy to pass with a ballot measure. Instead, the topic of the ballot measure will likely relate to a popular topic such as constraining corruption.

Please check back!

Our fight for technology regulations isn't just about the environment or technology, but social justice.

A lot of legislation out there provides special favors and business opportunities for a few - instead, we favor legislation that helps everyone and avoids promotion of products, individuals, or businesses. Addressing societal problems should not be an exclusive business opportunity or require payment for knowledge or safety.

Locally, technology needs to be regulated in areas such as:
▪ developing safer, accessible technologies;
▪ limiting toxic chemicals & managing waste;
▪ limits on digital marketing & excess screen time;
▪ protecting digital privacy;
▪ protecting public education & curriculum;
▪ alternatives, such as eco-friendly jobs and entertainment;
▪ reducing electromagnetic emissions (wireless and electric exposures);
▪ acknowledge hubris and ignorance (e.g. genetic and nano engineering outcomes)
▪ limiting resource consumption (mining, scarcity);
▪ limits on automation (education, jobs, life);
▪ protecting quality of life and democracy in Massachusetts and globally;
▪ preventing monopoly, and
▪ preventing poverty.

Mainstream email providers do not always accept our email - please switch to protonmail or another ProPrivacy recommendation and please whitelist our email address AND our domain name lasttreelaws.com. Please check duckduckgo.com for information on how to whitelist.

We are working on a new mailing list program and hope to soon have an input box for collecting subscriber email addresses — till then, please just email to be added!