We promote environmental & social health by preparing and supporting legislation and Massachusetts ballot questions.

focus areas include clean government, democracy, and insuring laws exist, especially in relation to technology, to protect public health, Native ecosystem, PRIVACY, and intellectual freedom.

For details, please see this post!

Bills are to protect nature and privacy and limit wireless, screen time, and fluoride. Please:

February 2, 2022, is the deadline for the listed committees to report on and allow bills to move forward. Please call!

Contact information for committees reviewing bills listed is given below. Please also reach out to your own legislators to ask support. Find your state legislators here.


  1. End state school screen time mandate (begins in preK)
  2. Safer Tech: Hard-wire broadband for safety, and regulate electricity for the same reason -- also includes limits on screen time
    • Bills H. 105-114 are in the same committee listed in #1, Advanced IT etc. (617) 722-1612
    • Also related, in support, H. 130 (tax on use of public ways)
    • Oppose H. 124 (for a 5G task force) and any bills promoting wireless &/or 5G infrastructure.
  3. Protect privacy
    • H. 107 limits and regulates school and university technology use based on privacy considerations -- the bill is currently in the same committee listed in #1, Advanced IT etc. (617) 722-1612
    • Other privacy bills to support: H. 106, H. 136, S. 220, S. 46, S. 50
  4. End water fluoridation
  5. Protect trees & kids [preserve state parks & protect trees. (H. 912); protect trees, clean air and water (many bills); limit aerial mosquito spraying etc. (S. 556/ H. 937); and limit toxics in toys (H.939)]
    • H. 912, S. 1323, H. 2195, H. 905, S. 504, H. 856, S. 557, S. 556, H. 937, H. 939 are all currently in the same committee listed in #4, the Joint Committee on the Environment etc.

Further bill details are on the MA legislation page.

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Fall 2022 we will launch a signature drive to support a Massachusetts constitutional amendment. This requires a great deal of planning and support, so please sign up for news and how to help HERE.

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In sum, this proposed constitutional amendment requires reporting of conflicts of interest of designated state officers be public, useful, and randomly audited.

This would also apply to candidates for the Massachusetts delegation to U.S. Congress, President and Vice-President.

The proposal is still in draft and so content may be changed.

A more comprehensive discussion of this amendment can be found here.

Constitutional amendments can be amended by the legislature. Therefore, your help will be needed to help set up meetings with legislators to prevent misuse.

A version of this ballot measure was submitted in 2021 to the Massachusetts Attorney General and was found to have one error, illegal inclusion of judges. This error has been fixed. The extra time resulting is being used to strengthen the proposal.

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      • CIRK Beatty Last Tree Laws
    2. Mail to:
      • Kirstin Beaty, c/o CIRK, 149 Central Pk Dr, Holyoke, MA 01040
    3. Include this information (required by law - the state accounts for this and it is public information):
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      3. Your name and address

Please invite others to join through letters to the editor and social media. Kirstin is sometimes on Twitter @BeattyKirstin and there is a FB Last Tree Laws page. Here is an image to share:

ASAP FCC Legal Action Provide a comment to the FCC on why their guidelines must be updated as part of a potential lawsuit before the deadline closes (soon). Comment here - 5000 characters and don't include address & phone in attachments (won't be displayed then).

Dear President Biden! This letter was prepared by EHT to request safer technology.

Wired Only Letter! This letter was prepared by CHD, which was part of a winning lawsuit against FCC guideliens. Share the news with this automated letter - click here.

Wired Only Call! Tell Biden & your federal legislators we want wired communications only - and tell your state legislators you want wired-only too! See our 2 phone scripts, contact info, & summary of federal wireless legislation.

Safe & Sound Pro measurements - Dr. Magda Havas asks citizens to survey and report local wireless levels. See https://globalemf.net for information.

We've posted resources and information freely to educate, and will continue in hopes that you will act and lead on these issues independently. We hope a swarm of independent actions will disrupt industry manipulations.

Officially, the leadership is as follows:

Kirstin Beatty, director, who became active after becoming ill from wireless exposures. Kirstin works on writing, content, legislation, testimony, and research for Last Tree Laws as a volunteer. Essentially, Kirstin does everything! She has a website, Beatty.fyi, with further writings, educational materials, and an option for patronage. Her Twitter tag is @BeattyKirstin.

Our new ballot question committee will just have Kirstin as officer, until arrangements can be made otherwise. By law the name of the ballot committee must have Kirstin's name and the topic of the ballot measure, and so the name is long and odd: "Conflict of Interest Reporting by Kirstin Beatty of Last Tree Laws."


Anonymous is the webmaster, who prefers to remain anonymous!

Technology regulations and laws are about more than the environment or technology, but promoting social justice and limiting corruption.

A lot of legislation out there provides special favors and business opportunities for a few - but legislation that helps everyone and avoids promotion of products, individuals, or businesses. Addressing societal problems should not be an exclusive business opportunity or require payment for knowledge or safety.

Locally, technology needs to be regulated in areas such as:
▪ developing safer, accessible technologies;
▪ limiting toxic chemicals & managing waste;
▪ limits on digital marketing & excess screen time;
▪ protecting digital privacy;
▪ protecting public education & curriculum;
▪ alternatives, such as eco-friendly jobs and entertainment;
▪ reducing electromagnetic emissions (wireless and electric exposures);
▪ acknowledge hubris and ignorance (e.g. genetic and nano engineering outcomes)
▪ limiting resource consumption (mining, scarcity);
▪ limits on automation (education, jobs, life);
▪ protecting quality of life and democracy in Massachusetts and globally;
▪ preventing monopoly, and
▪ preventing poverty.

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