We support all actions to place people and the environment before profits.

For more see about us, our name, and issues (with resources).

Our Legislation and Petition Initiatives

We propose Massachusetts state legislation for the legislature or for voter approval with signature drives, or petition initiatives, to place questions on the ballot.

We need you! Please see our proposed ballot questions and legislation including on privacy, radiation, and pollution. Join our action alert list and support action now! 

Our Strategy & Difference

We know that good ideas get stolen to kill fair details, good leadership, and to serve special interests. We work especially hard to make sure that the details put forward serve the people, being critical where necessary.

We notice our work has been copied or mentioned without credit, because we’re awesome. Please reference our efforts when using our work. Share credit like water.

We will collaborate on shared goals when time, and credit others where due. Contact us to collaborate.



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