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Our mission is to support a world that is kind, joyful, and livable for everyone, including liberty, justice, and environmental health for all. We seek last tree laws – those laws that prevent the last tree from falling alongside human life. Our immediate goals are to pass environmental health and good government laws through citizen petition initiatives.


We have submitted legislation to the Massachusetts legislature on screen time, privacy, ending water fluoridation, and for non-ionizing radiation limits since circa 2013/4. We have joined in state and national testimony on these issues as well as against GMOs, AI risks, and as related to protection of native biodiversity and wild ecosystems. Initially, we were naive, reflected in initial idealistic legislative proposals at first, but quickly became more realistic. Unfortunately, the legislature does not seem to be able to move issues forward, even with great popular support or reasonable grounds, such as seen with privacy or transparency. One reason is Massachusetts has a top-down controlled legislature and as such can be easily influenced by industry. For the 2023-2024 legislative session in Massachusetts we were unable to submit past legislation as Kirstin Beatty, who worked with her legislator previously to submit bills, was quite ill from fall 2022 through late winter 2023, resulting in missed deadlines.


We are working on revising a petition initiative for radiation limits and have others on the burner.  Please see our home page for a discussion of the current petitions and our donation page to see others on the burner.


Please see our list of  issues and resources .


Kirstin Beatty is the main force behind Last Tree Laws, and director. After developing ill health from electromagnetic exposures, she sought radiation limits and so worked on & supported several state bills in hopes of passage. However, passing legislation is very difficult due to the influence of industry, hence her interest in a ballot question on a fair legislature, transparency, accountability, etc. Before working on this issue, Kirstin was a public school teacher.

Her Twitter tag is @BeattyKirstin. She rarely uses Twitter but can be reached through our email.

Unfortunately, we are uncertain of whether it is wise to list the names of people who assist because some are afraid of retribution – some are afraid of losing needed job opportunities as freelancers in the IT or writing industry, or some of the placement of a cellular antenna on their block. We will add names if people reconsider, or if people in other professions prefer to be listed.

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