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Our mission is to support a world that is kind, joyful, and livable for everyone, including liberty, justice, and environmental health for all.


Focus on petition initiative for a voter’s ballot question & 2023-2024 legislation. Details here!


Please see our list of  issues and resources , or see the list below:

▪ protecting quality of life, elections, and democracy in Massachusetts and globally;
▪ insuring healthier, respectful technologies;
▪ limiting radiation from modern technologies — reducing electromagnetic emissions (wireless and electric exposures);
▪ limiting toxic chemicals and managing waste;
▪ limits on digital marketing and excess screen time;
▪ protecting digital privacy;
▪ reducing public education pressures;
▪ a new eco-friendly economy;
▪ limiting dangerous science;
▪ limiting resource consumption (mining, scarcity);
▪ limits on automation (education, jobs, life);
▪ preventing monopoly, and
▪ preventing poverty and dependence.


Information is provided here freely online so that anyone and everyone can lead and advocate. But please also direct others to this site to support our legislative work!

Kirstin Beatty is the main force behind Last Tree Laws, and director. After developing ill health from wireless exposures, she sought radiation limits and so prepared several state bills in hopes of passage. However, passing legislation is very difficult due to the influence of industry, hence her interest in a ballot question on this and related issues.

Unless stated otherwise, all content online is hers. Her Twitter tag is @BeattyKirstin. She rarely uses Twitter but can be reached through our email. She has a personal website, Beatty.fyi.

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