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Our mission is to support a natural world protected from ignorance and systemic, chemical, and technological threats, realizing for all environmental health, liberty, and the opportunity for happiness.


Use our status as a ballot measure organization to support and put forward legislation to establish and protect environmental health​.


We've posted resources and information freely to educate, and will continue in hopes that you will act and lead on these issues independently. We hope a swarm of independent actions will disrupt industry manipulations.

Officially, the leadership is as follows:

Kirstin Beatty, director, who became active after becoming ill from wireless exposures. Kirstin works on writing, content, legislation, testimony, and research for Last Tree Laws as a volunteer. Essentially, Kirstin does everything! Her Twitter tag is @BeattyKirstin. She has a website, Beatty.fyi, with further writings, educational materials, and an option for patronage.

Kirstin would love sponsors for her writing and research, which doesn't pay otherwise - you can make a small donation through PayPal or credit or debit card here.

Our new ballot question committee will just have Kirstin as officer, until arrangements can be made otherwise and everything is finalized. By law the name of the ballot committee must have Kirstin's name and the topic of the ballot measure, and so the name is long and odd: "Conflict of Interest Reporting by Kirstin Beatty of Last Tree Laws."


Anonymous is the webmaster, who prefers to remain anonymous!

Technology regulations and laws are about more than the environment or technology, but promoting social justice and limiting corruption.

A lot of legislation out there provides special favors and business opportunities for a few - but legislation that helps everyone and avoids promotion of products, individuals, or businesses. Addressing societal problems should not be an exclusive business opportunity or require payment for knowledge or safety.

Locally, technology needs to be regulated in areas such as:
▪ developing safer, accessible technologies;
▪ limiting toxic chemicals & managing waste;
▪ limits on digital marketing & excess screen time;
▪ protecting digital privacy;
▪ protecting public education & curriculum;
▪ alternatives, such as eco-friendly jobs and entertainment;
▪ reducing electromagnetic emissions (wireless and electric exposures);
▪ acknowledge hubris and ignorance (e.g. genetic and nano engineering outcomes)
▪ limiting resource consumption (mining, scarcity);
▪ limits on automation (education, jobs, life);
▪ protecting quality of life and democracy in Massachusetts and globally;
▪ preventing monopoly, and
▪ preventing poverty.

Please contact to share news and connect. The domain name (lasttreelaws.com) is preferred, but if you use protonmail or tutanota, then the pm.me might work best.

The elm option is the best choice, as this is the main account.

The PM.me option is a protonmail account for protonmail emails. Mainstream email providers do not always accept protonmail, even government offices.

Please also whitelist our email address AND our domain name lasttreelaws.com. Please search duckduckgo.com for information on how to whitelist with your provider.

Post can be sent to Last Tree Laws, c/o Kirstin Beatty, 149 Central Pk Dr, Holyoke, MA 01040


Last Tree Laws was chosen as it represents the importance of saving the environment and humanity before the last tree falls by working to change laws and develop legislation.

The Lorax is a children’s book written by Dr. Seuss which neatly explains the significance of the last tree to humanity. In the story, the Lorax is a little creature that speaks on behalf of trees, even as the Once-ler ignores him and continues to cut down the trees for profits until not a tree is left but for a seed. The seed is all that is left behind in a world that is now dark, sad, and dreary from pollution, where before it was lush and bright from trees and sunlight. A child is given the seed, and told that nothing will get better unless “Someone like you cares a whole awful lot.”

This story is significant because it represents how the choices of our society, from businesses to consumers and children, determine our path and create our environment. In this story, the passion and resourcefulness of a child can decide the future.

A second meaning behind the name is given in the saying that, “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that we cannot eat money.” This points to the risks of starvation and death when our connection to the environment is ignored and sensible protections swept away by the illusions of greed. The illusion of economic wealth versus true wealth is key. Destroying Truffula trees leaves the Once-ler with a lonely future, pollution, and poverty. True wealth is in clean water, soil, plants, and sunlight, all of which as necessary to our life as air. Caring for our environment allows sustenance and beauty to coexist.



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