Why Stop 4G/5G (Wireless)

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The FCC ignores current science on wireless health impacts & tramples local zoning rights.

Warnings on Wireless

  1. In 2011 wireless or “radiofrequency” was classed as a class 2B “possible human carcinogen” by 30 independent, eminent, independent experts in the field for the WHO International Agency for Cancer (IARC).

    5G frequencies heat up bees and insects through resonance & dialectric heating (Thielens et al, 2018).
  2. Studies since have confirmed brain, reproductive, cardiac, & glucose disruption, birth defects, etc.
  3. The original IARC experts ask for  stronger reclassification or caution (Miller, Hardell, Lesczynski, Portier, Samet, Belyaev, Miller, etc.).
  4. In 2019 an IARC advisory group requested risk revaluation (iii)
  5. Concerned, experts recommend a halt for health (iv v vi)
  6. Insurance companies refuse to insure 5G & or any other wireless exposure – telecommunications companies warn of liability. (vii)
  7. Wireless threatens pollinators, wildlife, and food production; 6-plus GHz especially threatens pollinators.
  8. Experts charge the FCC & ICNIRP have failed to account for actual exposures & current science, and that 5G limits fail to reflect science.
  9. In addition to research showing wireless threatens mental health, digital technology alone can be addictive and harmful to social development.

What is 5G? 5G, a brand, expands exposures:

  1. Satellite ground station in Herefordshire, England

    Tracking, powerful, “beamforming” “phased array” antennas intensify power density levels.

  2. New wireless frequencies, including 6+ GHz & millimeter waves (circa 30-80+ GHz)
  3. Connections to all objects for the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), surveillance, drones, robots, & automation
  4. Electronic warfare, including training on US land despite local and state opposition
  5. Football-field drones for the Hawaii sky (i)
  6. 100s of satellite earth terminals
  7. Tens of thousands of wireless satellite launches & transmitting satellites
  8. Millions of “small cell” towers on public rights of way.
  9. Under new interpretations of FCC OTARD rules that allow TV satellite reception on homes, with many invisible, powerful hub and relay antennas on private homes providing  off-site non-residents with wireless. An important lawsuit seeks to overturn the FCC’s OTARD interpretation.
  10. Use of Alexa and Ring for Amazon Sidewalk and other personal devices using private data, private energy, and jacking up power density to provide neighborhood “free” WiFi and surveillance.
  11. 5G serves artificial intelligence, wireless automation, data collection, dangerous weapon development, and corporate bottom lines by evading conventional wired maintenance – 5G expansion fails to serve the public.

What are small cell towers?

  1. “Small cells” are powerful Distributed Antenna Systems, with antennas:

    Small cell photo by Kriang Phromphin – Shutterstock
  • To 6 cubic feet with equipment to 28 cubic feet that may have noisy fans and power equipment on pole and/or ground
  • Set <1/3 mile apart or 100 feet in line of sight
  • Set on utility poles, lampposts, street furniture, wires, etc.
  • Placed by homes, plus or minus 10 feet, with overlapping installations
  • Can be enlarged without permit to 10% or 30 feet (ii)
  • When one exists, refusing more on the same structure is hard
  • Use 4G and/or 5G technologies and likely to exceed FCC exposure limits.
  • Municipalities may regulate and assert zoning rights, but ordinances must be in place first and are not retroactive – federal legislation in play seeks to eliminate local control entirely.

Small Cells & 5G are Energy-Intensive

  1. Wireless is ten times more energy intensive than wired infrastructure.
  2. 5G may be 60+ times more energy intensive than wired infrastructure, along with increasing use of 4G.
  3. Small cells & 5G signal blockage mean axing street trees.
  4. Wireless increases resource extraction, pollution during scarcity, and harms climate.

Incredible Range of Wireless Opposition

  1. The FCC’s questionable diplomacy and expertise has raised the ire of NASA, the NOAA,  utilities, security experts, astronomers, both optical and radio astronomers, the Department of Defense, aviation and aerospace industries, etc.,  who warn of 5G interference with communications, weather forecasting, GPS, critical astronomy, transport, and cybersecurity.
  2. Big opposition to small cells: Utilities Technology Council [doubts consumer benefits]; US Conference of Mayors; Natural Resources Defense Council; 2 dozen+ cities suing FCC since 2019 [public safety, visuals, and fair rent], National Association of Counties, National Conference of State Legislatures, etc.

    Cancer quadruples near a cell tower (Wolf et al 2004) & nausea, fatigue, irritation, headaches, etc., increase (Santini et al 2003)
  3. Admits ill health or sensitivity from wireless: European Parliament, U.S. Access Board, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Boston, Canadian Human Rights Commission, U.S. Job Accommodations Network, etc.
  4. State- or country-led 5G investigations in Vermont, Oregon, New Hampshire, Switzerland, France, etc., & numerous lawsuits
  5. Bans in Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach [location of Trump’s Resort], Californian coastal communities, Easton (CT), overseas in Brussels, Swiss states, etc. – a Hawaii county resolution to halt 5G; temporary bans in Sandy Springs, GA and Keene, NH; and ordinance restrictions from Mill Valley, CA, to Burlington, MA. (viii)

Lack of Safety Review or Monitoring

  1. The FCC fails to monitor facilities to insure compliance with (lax) FCC guidelines, require public contact information – inspection is costly and qualified independent inspectors are rare.

    AirGig – a new technology where the wireless signal runs over the utility lines
  2. 5G measurements miss peak exposures by a wide margin (see p.11) and equipment to measure above 8 GHz ranges in the tens of thousands of dollars – 5g phones may cause burns.
  3. At 11 feet from a small cell tower, small cells exceed FCC limitslike cell phones do in close contact (xi )
  4. After 6+ years, the FCC closed a docket about wireless exposures and chose to ignore the concerns of the American Academy of Pediatrics and other noteworthy organizations and experts, many providing evidence of a need for reassessment of testing, actual exposures, and alignment with current science, opening the door to lawsuits. (x)
  5. The FCC prevents small cell safety review by “batching” multiple applications as one under a 60- or 90-day shot clock.
  6. The FCC continues to enact rules exempting from permit controls or review many facilities and additions – always triggering new lawsuits.

Small Cells & 5G Have Significant Costs with Little Gain

  1. Service problems are often due to monopoly and lack of investment in technology and maintenance of infrastructure – as in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota – to avoid mandated upkeep & push costly wireless.
  2. The intense heat from circuitry for 5G is expected to reduce the life of any nearby equipment, including 5G cellphones, which can overheat.
  3. Macro or large cell towers provide adequately for wireless communications – only 1 to 10 milliwatts per square meter (mW/m2) is needed for cell phones, but small cells provide millions of mW/m2.
  4. 911 calls can be prioritized instead adding more antennas.
  5. 79% or more of buyers refuse to buy near cellular infrastructure. (ix)
  6. Extreme FCC limits on fees, despite wear and tear of town- or city-owned property, 2 billion subsidy for dangerously hackable 5G.
  7. Workers and residents near small cells or macro towers face risks of high exposures, fires, electrical shock, falling heavy equipment, and explosions or toxin leaks from nickel-cadmium batteries (xii)
  8. Small cells are an access barrier for electromagnetic sensitivity, a disability recognized by federal agencies and internationally (xiii xiv xv xvi) – also see discussion on current disability case against FCC circa 22:17 & public health at 28:43.
  9. 5G, subsidized by our taxes, represents enormous job losses, due to automation and AI, and concentration of wealth – including in the military and medical fields.


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