Get Your MA Initiative Petitions for Radiation Limits – PRESS RELEASE

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Print or Pick Up Your MA Initiative Petitions for Tech Radiation Limits

MASSACHUSETTS – RadLimits at Last Tree Laws is collecting signatures from voters for a petition initiative to limit radiation from electronic and wireless products, including 4G and 5G antennas.

A petition initiative is a voter signature drive to put a proposed law on the state ballot for voters to decide – more than 80,000 signatures must be collected from voters, with petitions delivered to town clerks by 22 November at 5 p.m. for verification of signatures, and post-verification must then be delivered to the state by 6 December.

The content of the radiation limits petition includes limiting radiation from electronic and wireless products; making it easier to disable wireless transmissions; investing in public IT and telecommunications wired infrastructure; and halting 5G street antennas until a public commission of experts and representatives of major unions and small business complete a two-year study of health impacts.

According to the committee chair, Kirstin Beatty, the petition is vital because of environmental and public health impacts: ‘The public has been misled about the cost of more secure, better quality, wired infrastructure, but more importantly about the necessity of wired infrastructure to protect bees, birds, and all life. Ten thousand-plus studies indicate biological effects and scientists in the field warn of neurological, reproductive, and other serious, harmful effects.’

A petition and instructions can be printed from an online PDF, picked up at signature collection points, or requested by mail. More information about the petition is online, including official summaries completed by the office of the attorney general.

By state law, all petitions must be turned in for voter verification to town clerks at the very latest by 5 p.m. on 22 November. Because the committee must prove collection of more than 80,000 signatures for verification to proceed, the committee asks that all petitions given to town clerks are reported through an online form linked at

After town clerks certify voter signatures, petitions must then be delivered to the secretary of state by 5 p.m on 6 December. For this petition collection and delivery the committee is also seeking donations and, especially, that individuals follow the instructions online to help deliver petitions or volunteer coordinate pick up for a town.

Online, Last Tree Laws has other certified petitions listed, including for privacy rights and a fair, more transparent and accountable legislature. These petitions will be delayed and feedback is being sought on how to improve these petitions and develop a strong petition initiative organization. Feedback on the petition content is welcome and may be provided though an online form also accessible at

This image is taken from a review by Dr. Neil Cherry based on a single antenna source – note that the signal characteristics of radar are similar to new new phased array antennas and frequencies used in 5G, and that the proximity of the antennas placed on street utility poles as ‘small cells’ also means the 5G exposure is very intense near homes and may result not only in multiple frequency exposures (WiFi, cellphone, gaming, etc.) but a longer exposure than the radar technicians received, as well as exposure during the more vulnerable night. Source: Neil Cherry, ONZM, Lincoln University, Canterbury NZ (2002) Health Effects in the Vicinity of Radio/TV Towers and Mobile Base Stations.

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