Lobby to Hard-Wire! January 2022

January 2022 Lobby to Hard-Wire!

Please call your legislator and ask that a word be put in for H. 105 – 114 and against S. 54 & H. 124 with the Joint Committee of Advanced IT (chairs Finegold & Campbell) — and to find out the status of these bills. Committees finalize decisions 2 February.

If possible, send an original letter to the editor before 25 January to a newspaper (suggestions here) supporting H. 105 – 114 & against wireless expansion generally.

S. 54 is sponsored by the committee chairs and a member, who may have been deceived by industry of 5G safety. The bill would:

    • Require a rollout of 5G by 2024
    • Penalize municipalities 10% of the previous tax year’s receipts if:
      • Reported by industry as blocking 5G
      • Found guilty by the DPU (which tends to favor industry

Maybe the MA  joint committee on advanced IT will stop this and other 5G & IT expansion bills, since it heard testimony on 13 October for H. 105-114 to limit:

  • wireless dangers
  • privacy concerns in schools (H. 106)
  • excess screen time in public schools (H. 107)

For more on bills H. 105-114, please see the MA legislation page and look at the bars for wireless and schools.

H. 124 is a bill to create a task force for industry and legislators to work together to support 5G.

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