Petition PDFs

To be counted as valid, petitions must be printed the same way as the state prints petitions. Petitions must be printed:

  • on regular 8″x11″ printer paper;
  • on plain white paper;
  • NO other markings, stains, or highlighting
    • remember, any markings, cross-outs, or stains invalidate a petition;
  • legibly; and probably
  • with both sides the same way up (see image) – just like a book:

Here is our radiation limits petition for signatures – remember to follow the strict state rules on how to sign without marking anywhere else on petitions:

Petition S (petition for radiation limits)

For printable instructions and flyers, click here. Note deadlines (5 p.m. 22 Nov. Wed. is the first deadline, town clerks may keep petitions till 4 Dec. and then these are due 6 Dec. before 5 p.m. Wed. at the Sec. of State in Boston as listed on the petition) & coordinate with us for delivery.

We also have online pages with instructions, such as for signing and returning.

Petition I (petition for a fair legislature)

This petition we are not pushing because everyone that has contacted us has done so for the radiation limits petition, and not this one. However, you can still download and consider it or getting signatures. We need to raise awareness on this issue.

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