5G Actions

Massachusetts – Actions:

  • Our action will involve outreach relevant local organizations, professionals, and leaders with reasons to stop 5G such as via:
      • State Legislators:
      • Social media:
        • Check our this web page for links on Saturday
        • Twitter – you can retweet from @BeattyKirstin, co-chair, and other advocates or organizations – we don’t have a LastTreeLaws account!
        • Check Facebook for helpful posts or links to share on Saturday:
      • Letters to the editor such as to the following papers which may hit leaders with influence on current bills (choose one paper):
        • letters@tauntongazette.com
        • letters@heraldnews.com
        • submissions@thecantoncitizen.com
        • letter@globe.com
        • your local paper (most likely to publish your letter)
      • Contacting Medical Doctors:
        • Physicians for Safe Technology 5G Letter
        • Invitation to electromagnetic medical conference or independent study
      • Contacting Eco-Organizations:

Other Resources for the event:

    • First, please mention Last Tree Laws if you can – we’d like to expand our outreach and support for the legislation we’ve prepared. That can only happen with connections, support, and publicity.
    • Connect on Facebook as well – either Last Tree Laws or through Stop 5G Massachusetts we will share ideas.
    • Recent News to Share:
    • More Resources:
        • resources here, including wireless awareness materials (environmental, medical, etc.)
        • resources at Stop5GInternational


10 October Session

Cancelled Q&A due to illness. Cancelled due to CA fires School Surveillance Presentation

Safer Technology Teleconference Series

Ask questions in comments below – no email required.


Previous Teleconferences:

29 August 2020 ~ 5G Strategies

1 August 2020, Saturday, 3 PM ~ How to Get Safer, Respectful Technology

Teleconference Number – dial 1 (302) 202 – 1104 and enter code 483409.

      • Discussion of health and social impacts of technology & solutions. Led by Last Tree Laws co-chair Kirstin Beatty, a former teacher in Springfield public schools. This event is sponsored by the Springfield Cultural Council and therefore Springfield residents have priority seats. This is part of a grant titled “Safer Technology, Healthier Society.”