Towns with Coordinator

WE NEED COORDINATORS FOR FALL 2024! We need to provide information on whether a town has someone to pick up all the initiative petitions from that town and ideally report on how many petitions are in that town. Please contact us and volunteer!.


Returning Petitions

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We would like to first collect all petitions in Holyoke and then send them ourselves to Boston. This is so we can prove we have enough petitions!

However, before 5 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, petitions certified by town clerks (with the signatures of 3 voter registrars) must arrive at this address: Elections Division, Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1 Ashburton Place, Room 1705, Boston, MA 02108

How to Return Petitions

  1. Check our current list of towns for drop off to see if there is a coordinator, or a coordinator who needs help that can collect petitions:
  2. If not, you can help! Volunteer to coordinate collection from a certain town using:
  1. Join a conference call to ask – calls are listed at the calendar which also has sign up instructions. We use, which also has a desktop app.
  2. You can send the petitions individually. Here are the very last minute due dates and mailing addresses for petitions that have voter signatures verified by 3 voter registrars, as required:
  • BEST: Arrival 5 December 2023 or better EARLIER for proof and for count: Petition, c/o Kirstin Beatty, 149 Central Pk Dr, Holyoke, MA 01040
    • Drive and drop off or meet to drop off
    • Mail 30 November regular mail (USPS)
    • Mail 2 December priority mail (USPS) – calculate a price
    • Mail 3 December with 2-day shipping:
      • with FedEx – calculate price
      • with Priority Mail Express (USPS) – calculate price
  • SECOND BEST: Arrive before 5 p.m. on 6 December 2023: Elections Division, Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1 Ashburton Place, Room 1705, Boston, MA 02108
    • The dates for mailing are the same as above.

Petition Printables

Note that we are pivoting to do this in 2024, as explained here. We will be working on revisions of the printables on this page, including printables for outreach!

General Petition Printables (8″x 11″)

  • New Full Signing Instructions: Signing & Returning (2-sided) – this web page also has related links
  • New Signature Gathering Instructions: Where to Collect & Tips (2-sided)
  • Sign for Table – Includes signing instructions
  • Tent Sign for Table – Same as above, but foldable
  • Short Signing Instructions to Share: Cut in 4
  • Clipboard Cover – helps give instructions & info

Radiation Limits Petition Printables (8″x 11″)

  • Clipboard Cover Sheet – helps give instructions & info
  • Poster – also helps as visual when collecting signatures standing or at table
  • Poster – with space for notes (e.g. contact info)
  • Campaign Flyer – Summary & Signing and Returning Instructions (2-sided sheet)
  • Short Signing Instructiosn & Summary – Instructions (2-sided, cut in 4)
  • Short Summary & Invite – Drop-off Invitation to Sign/ Order Petition (2-sided, cut in 4)

Additional educational resources can be found by scrolling down to the footer (on every page) and clicking on resources, then clicking the tab on limiting radiation.

Petition Initiative Social Media

  • Blog Post: MA Voters Get Your Petition on Radiation Limits
  • Blog Post: Limit Radiation at Home
  • Facebook
  • Twitter – we don’t have an account, but you can check Kirstin’s page.
  • Image to share:

Checks and Cash for a Ballot Question Committee

Please note that online donations are much easier for us to process – online fees, approximately 5% plus $0.30 per transaction, are often less than paying someone or taking time to input the donation as required for state reporting.

REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR DONATIONS – State and federal law require certain information listed below from donors before donations can be accepted and used. To be absolutely correct, the address and occupation is not required for donations less than $50 in a single calendar year, which includes the value of in-kind donations such as rental space, software, etc.

One of these statements:

  • I am the sole source of these funds.
  • The source of these funds is ____ (name source of funds, such as follows:)
    • union or association
    • corporation (note that a corporation must also file a Form CPF 22 which is available online with the
    • name of partnership or unincorporated business
  • Occupation and name of your employer (or that your are not employed), if an individual.
  • Residential address or, if not an individual, the entity’s address as follows:
    • union or association address
    • address of the individual partner or owner D/B/A of a partnership or unincorporated business
    • corporate address

CASH – First, cash cannot be accepted above $50 from any one person in a single calendar year. $50 and below can be collected in person. Include required information listed above.

CHECKS – If you would like to write a check instead of using the online program to support a ballot committee, then the following information is for you:

  • Include all required information (listed above) so the donation can be used.
  • A check may be written to ONE of the following ballot question committees that have petitions this year:
    • RadLimits at Last Tree Laws
    • Fair Legislature at

MAIL – Mail checks to K. Beatty, 149 Central Park Drive, Holyoke, MA 01040

Safe MA Broadband & Electric


The following written testimony was provided, additional to spoken testimony, in 2021 for bills that were killed.

Massachusetts needs to insure modern electricity and communications are safe.


Substantial evidence exists in the research record that radiofrequency emissions from electricity and wireless communications cause biological changes such as increased oxidation (ROS) leading to downstream effects including calcium release, mitochondrial, DNA, and neuronal damage.

Effects are found from exposures from wireless and near electricity. The FCC even recognized in [Order 19-126], which denied biological effects and was just overturned by court order, that electric fields can cause instant “neural stimulation effects” unrelated to heating and that current guidelines fail to provide protection (328). Continue reading “Safe MA Broadband & Electric”

Last Tree Laws Massachusetts