Request to Medical Professionals for Electromagnetic Education

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13 October 2020

Request to All Medical Professionals for Electromagnetic Education

Fighting against environmental pollutants is often hindered by ignorance, corporate public relations, and the burden of harm. Death and disability has resulted from industry denial, as seen with tobacco, asbestos, and other products.

Most experts in the field recommend rolling back wireless and other electromagnetic exposures, yet these voices have been neglected in mainstream U.S. news, even though the evidence is very strong that wireless greatly increases cancer, infertility, and contributes overall to ill health and disease.

Medical professionals have a pivotal say in whether society recognizes environmental pollutants and their ensuing harm.

Given this social responsibility, as a medical professional, wireless awareness and education is critical. Excellent free resources are available online as well as medical conferences that may provide CMEs, support networking, and help establish a broad base of knowledge.

Because of the relationship of wireless to industry and military interests, unified public support is needed. As a medical professional, you can directly influence public awareness, understanding, and support, thus persuading public officials and the courts to change course. Unified public statements by medical groups, associations, and professional medical guidance to every single patient are needed to help shift public opinion and protect patients.

In Massachusetts, I’ve written many state legislative solutions, such as policies to reduce exposures in medical settings, but seen these die. Legislators shy from sponsoring bills for actual change, or leadership prevents a vote. Instead, legislators have advanced legislation focused on protecting big business, such as allowing industry dominance on a legislative commission to propose 5G laws, and some advocates have mistakenly supported problematic bills. I am concerned that some are willing to delay progress due to timidity or even for personal gain, and that deceptive legislation favoring businesses will continue to move forward under the guise of “moderation” and empty promises.

I hope for patient education on safer technology habits and your support.


Kirstin Beatty

Co-chair of Last Tree Laws

Massachusetts ballot measure committee



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