Ethical Government

Ethical Government

  • ActOnMass dot org – In 2022, supporting petition signature drive for state legislative transparency
  • Real History Calendar
Ethical Scoring:
MA Legislature:
  • Eliminate the House of Representatives for Unicameral Legislature
  • Open Meetings & Secret Ballot for House Leaders Necessary
  • Ex-Lobbyist Reveals how House Really Works
  • MA House Plays Follow the Leader
  • State accountability bills, such as An Act to Promote Oversight of State Government, were proposed by state auditor Bump (retiring in 2022)
MA Police:

Four years after “winning” the Golden Padlock, Massachusetts State Police remains committed to secrecy


Government Access:
  • Civicus dot org – Promotes civic participation in government including a shared commons
Voting Problems:
  • Why Handcounted Ballots (an old but good article)
  • Hired US ethical hackers notice China, India, and Persian University also attempting to hack the vote
  • Jailed Andrés Sepúlveda claims he rigged elections in Mexico for a decade by manipulating social media, websites, devices, and stealing campaign databases, and his team was approached by Trump too.
  • Verifiedvoter dot com – a system for elected officials to see if you donated to the official (and thus are worth their time)
AGENCIES & Science:

Basically, agencies may ignore the law and legislative intent with impunity using bizarre interpretations and rules.

  • US falling behind China, Brazil, etc. on banning toxic pesticides due to laws protective of industry and work involved in reviewing thousands of chemicals
  • EPA has revolving door to chemical companies, and administration expects employees to grease the wheels for industry or will discipline employees – industry funds travel, food, friendly relations, and ghostwrites supportive research
  • Watchdog issues rare ‘alert’ that EPA data on toxic releases inaccurate
  • No consequences or names of EPA officials accused of egregious violations, such as allowing industry to delete toxic releases
  • Monsanto behind GOP effort to intimidate cancer researchers and the IARC
  • EPA ignores ban on toxic pesticide issued by federal court
  • The Fox Owns the Henhouse–When Public Safety is Governed by Private Profit
  • The Pai FCC Sits On Its Hands While Phone Companies Rip Off American Taxpayers
US Bureau of Land Management & US Forest Service:
  • This Land Was Your Land: Federal agencies have been captured by the very industries they should be regulating
  • Tech companies gain access long denied to prevent bribery and favoritism
Money Money:
  • Followthemoney dot org – Click on state, candidate, and scroll down the page to see graphs on industries that contributed to the candidate.
  • ISP lobbying funds: 80 million just in 2018
  • At age 35, Zuckerberg is worth about 80 billion
  • Municipal Broadband Is Roadblocked Or Outlawed In 26 States
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