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RadLimits — Initiative Petitions to Limit Non-Ionizing Radiation

Why? Because technology emits non-ionizing radiation, several countries (e.g. Cyprus, Israel, France) have banned WiFi partly or fully in sensitive areas like schools, and/or limited being close to technology because there is evidence of harm and caution is wise.

Because of the evidence, we are preparing for a signature drive to put a question on the Massachusetts ballot for reasonable limits and regulation of this radiation. We need to gather signatures this fall, and if enough, the legislature could vote in early 2023 to accept the law.


We need your help — please sign up here to help with campaign promotion (click here), organizing (click here), and legal assistance (click here). We will need donations once the donation page is ready, soon!

A brief, incomplete summary of each petition and action:

We have 4 different versions of a proposed law, but the goal of them all is to reduce and regulate exposures from wireless and other types of non-ionizing radiation emitted by modern technology.

For example, cellphones should only send wireless signals when in use.


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