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We proposed petitions on non-ionizing radiation limits (radlimits), privacy rights (privacy), kid tech protections (kidtech), and less chemicals (lesschem).

Starting in September, we will need 80,000+ signatures on any petition to get the Massachusetts legislature to vote on the bill in March 2023 or for the people to vote on it in 2024. We’ve worked out how to do this. To help, please visit these pages to volunteer on different petitions:

Or, contact us by email if you can help, especially if local to Hampden or Hampshire. county.


For the privacy amendment, we need help asking the MA attorney general candidates a question.

Ask them! Scroll down on these candidate websites for links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ask them: ‘Will you support an initiative petition by the people for a constitutional amendment if preemptive legislation is passed by Congress or if the Supreme Court denies privacy rights? #lasttreelaws‘ Or, join Twitter and like and share Kirstin’s Twitter post.


We’ve just started a new calendar page. Please check here for events — though we need someone to manage that page (volunteer above).


A. EDUCATE LEGISLATORS – Please arrange group meetings to educate your legislator and candidates for office on the problem of non-ionizing radiation like WiFi and electromagnetic fields, and ask them to start to network with other legislators to work with us on the legislation we’ve written over the past years. We can host you online. Some materials are available on the issues and resources page under the electricity and wireless tab, under both sections.

B. USE ELECTIONS & HELP BUILD POLITICIAN SCORECARD – Candidates for state senators and representatives, especially in competitive races can be asked stances on non-ionizing radiation limits like wireless especially after 31 July when the main state legislative session ends. We also need to hear where politicians stand for our scorecard, so ask them if they’d like to share their stances for that purpose. Candidates are listed at ballotpedia:

C. FILE ATTORNEY GENERAL COMPLAINT – If you feel that the smart grid or wifi is a civil rights issue, then file a civil rights complaint on this issue with the Attorney General’s office. Highlight that this is a civil rights complaint, to avoid sending it to the lawyer in the Attorney General’s office who is hired by the DPU.

Now is a good time to raise the issue again, given that the attorney general is running for governor. Please cc: a copy of your receipt as testimony to the contact email address.

D. GENERAL ACTION – Honestly, we’ve no one who wishes to post to these Facebook accounts at the moment, not liking the mega-company. If you want to help, let us know. Still, if on Facebook consider sharing older posts and liking Last Tree Laws:



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