Local and Personal Action


Note this page is a work in progress.

Just a few basics items to  reduce your wireless & online energy footprint. Everything that exists online increases demands for infrastructure and stronger wireless exposures.

      1. Boycott - very helpful.
      2. Close all trivial online accounts - do business in person.
      3. Delete all useless emails.
      4. Stop downloading every document onto your website - link or reference instead.
      5. Stop looking at pictures and video online - this is energy intensive & causes much greater wireless emissions
      6. Keep your distance from electricity, too, and read Dr. Sam Milham's book Dirty Electricity for why.
      7. Use the internet based on need, but not for entertainment.
      8. Unplug.

We barely have time to post information! However, most people can find reliable information on websites including:

    • Environmental Health Trust
    • Powerwatch dot org/UK
    • American Academy of Environmental Medicine (see policy statements)
    • PhireMedical dot org (UK - MD website)
    • MDsafetech dot org (USA - MD website)
    • SaferEMR dot com (USA - MD website - see presentations)
    • Microwave News (decades-long news site)
    • Whatis5G dot info (9 sections on harm to humans & environment)

In addition to Pubmed, Aachen University, in Germany, has maintained a search portal that includes some extended research summaries online via the EMF-Portal dot org/en. Originally, the EMF-Portal was sponsored by telecommunication companies who decided around 2018 to stop sponsorship. GreenMedInfo dot com/anti-therapeutic-action/electromagnetic-field-harms has a left tab with symptoms which can be clicked for research lists - although the ads are distracting. PowerWatch UK, mentioned above also has a search function and research listings.

The Bioinitiative Report online provides research summaries and reports by independent scientists. These are in areas of the scientists' specializations. The Bioinitiative dot org has a several charts on research findings from various power density exposures, and has or will post such a chart on immunity research. Dr. Joel Moskowitz, who maintains SaferEMR dot com, has maintained a list of all recent wireless research with abstracts and some extended information on the research online at his site.

There are also other pages by or about the work of scientists with information such as AndrewMarino dot com and NeilCherry dot NZ.

There is research about markers of electromagnetic sensitivity. While this can be reviewed, another point is the actual experiences and perceptions of those individuals. The condition can be very difficult. There are reports of suicides and isolation. Some associations include:

    • Electrosensitivity UK (es-uk dot info)
    • WeAretheEvidence dot org
    • EIwellspring dot org
    • CellphoneTaskForce dot org
    • ES-Ireland dot com

Physician Resources

Please see Physicians for Safe Technology and other sources for research. Below is a short list that is not comprehensive in identifying all supporting research for ES but is meant to provide an overview of concepts. Research denying risks is omitted as much is industry-sponsored and completed by "psychologists" with an agenda.

Recommendations from Physician Associations

    • To start, the Austrian Medical Association initially published guidelines for diagnosing electromagnetic (whether in relation to electricity or wireless) health problems in 2012, reflecting some biochemical changes identified in research. This is easy to locate online - add EMF to the search.
    • In 2016 "EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses" can be found on PubMed or on DeGruyter dot com and downloaded for free.
    • The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has published several excellent policy papers on electromagnetic exposures and provides training in electromagnetic illness. The grape vine suggests treatment includes measures to calm the nervous system, such as sauna, as well as reducing other toxic burdens within the body.
    • The Institute of Building Biology, which provides courses in reducing exposures, also provides videos and fact sheets on electromagnetic exposures. The videos are educational.


    • Dr. Olaf Johansson has also published on the attitudes towards illness from exposure in Sweden versus other countries, noting that in Sweden there is a protective status (note however the term functional impairment is considered a psychological label and so best avoided): "Electrohypersensitivity: a functional impairment due to an inaccessible environment."
    • A summation of how EMFs may impact the body, including pacemaker cells, is written by Cindy Sage: "The implications of non-linear biological oscillations on human electrophysiology for electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)" (2015).
    • While examples are missing, please note that studies exist showing acute exposure to be a factor in triggering sensitivity. Cell tower workers, radar operators, and those with smart meters or near incorrect wiring (high fields) have been observed at increased risk for developing sensitivity.
    • The Russians are among the few to have conducted long-term human studies. These studies were carefully reviewed and summarized per a contract with the German government. A report of findings is available online with the KompetenzInitiative dot net

Genetic indicators & potential treatment

    • Many recommended treatments include addressing deficiencies or utilizing supplements to alleviate oxidation or inflammation. "Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as a Feasible Tool for Diagnostics and Intervention" suggests that glutathione is often sorely lacking and has a genetic as well as exposure basis, as well as noting some similarities between electromagnetically and chemically sensitive patients (De Luca et al, 2014).
    • Genetic markers are also being further investigated by Dr. Beatrice Golomb of the Golomb Group in California, based at the University of San Francisco. Additional funding is welcomed.

Skin Changes

    • Dr. Johansson has also published numerous articles examining skin changes from electromagnetic exposures, and in Pathophysiology in 2009 an article on immune system disruption. His early work examined VDU screen monitors and coined the term screen dermatitis. An older article on this subject makes a comparison: "Skin changes in "screen dermatitis" versus classical UV- and ionizing irradiation-related damage--similarities and differences." Further information follows in "A theoretical model based upon mast cells and histamine to explain the recently proclaimed sensitivity to electric and/or magnetic fields in humans." Johansson's work indicates changes in the microbiome, skin structure, wound healing, and mast cells, including increases in bacteria, contribute to screen dermatitis.

Diagnostic markers & amelioration

    • In 2015 Dr. Belpomme and colleagues published "Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder" which can also be found on PubMed or downloaded at cost from DeGruyter dot com and is an examination of significant findings in patients with electromagnetic illness such as cerebral hypo-perfusion and increases in certain proteins. Reviews referencing his specific findings can be found online. Dr. Belpomme continues research and also provides consultations as listed online at www dot ehs-mcs dot org. Apparently he prescribes, rather than food supplements, antagonists to hyper-histaminea as part of treatment.
    • TSH and ALT/AST blood findings indicate thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and chronic inflammation in patients expressing electromagnetic sensitivity as stated in "Blood laboratory findings in patients suffering from self-perceived electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)" (Dahmen et al, 2009). Note: other studies have found pathological changes in the thyroid from mobile phone use. A reference is made to thyroid and other concerns in this study: "The Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Endocrine System in Children and Adolescents" (Sangün Ö et al, 2015).
    • A 2017 paper evaluates several diagnostic elements of illness from exposures, noting length of illness shows a trend towards higher levels in tests: "Increasing levels of saliva alpha amylase in electrohypersensitive (EHS) patients" (Andrianome et al).
    • A 2015 paper reviews animal studies indicating myelin damage or impact on nerve conduction: "Could myelin damage from radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure help explain the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity? A review of the evidence" (Redmayne & Johansson).


    • Vitamin D has been found beneficial for reversing some immune system effects: "Effect of electromagnetic waves from mobile phone on immune status of male rats: possible protective role of vitamin D" (Gohary & Said, 2017).
    • Based on the De Luca et al paper above indicating null alleles for making glutathione, glutathione supplements selected for best absorption. Additional recommendations given, based on common low levels existing in ES patients, included Coenzyme Q-10.
    • Other recommendations from research based on common lack found in ES patients or otherwise noted as useful include but are not limited to B-12, B-vitamins, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin C, melatonin, and electrolytes. Others have suggested anti-cancer and anti-stress edible mushrooms.

Toxin Synergy

    • Studies indicate electromagnetic exposure combined with other chemical pollutants has a much greater effect, such as recent studies by the Ramazzini Institute noting synergy between magnetic fields combined with chemicals or ionizing radiation.
    • As mentioned above, individuals with chemical sensitivity share many genetic markers with those with electromagnetic sensitivity. Often, both conditions simultaneously exist.
    • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who is well known for offering treatment of environmental intolerances such as to mold or electromagnetic exposures, and he suggests treatments including numerous supplements as well as spa treatments. Of course, one would expect a sauna or other spa treatment to make one feel good, even if often bypassed by conventional medicine. The cost of this can be quite expensive and time-consuming as such treatments are not covered by most insurance plans and are usually out of the way.
    • Acupuncture may have similar benefits in managing pain or calming the nervous system, but may be covered in part by insurance when prescribed for pain.

Related Illnesses

    • Neurodegenerative Diseases: Dr. Mercola discusses reducing neurodegeneration through ketosis and avoiding electromagnetic exposures.

Other Doctors Engaged

To locate treating doctors, visit the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and search for a local doctor - or consider a naturopathic doctor. Otherwise, for education consider the individuals below.

    • Dr. Erica Mallory-Blythe, founder of the UK PHIRE
    • Stephanie McCarter, MD, Environmental Health Center, Dallas, TX
    • Dr. Magda Havas, Canada
    • Dr. Devra Devries, founder of Environmental Health Trust
    • Members of the US-based Physicians for Safe Technology

Little money goes towards science and education in the public interest, if in conflict with corporate interests. If you can, please consider supporting science, reporting, and education, including investigative reporting, that is not otherwise supported.

Please keep in mind that reporters, whether on- or off-line get very little money for researching politicians and other information, and also deserve support. Below is a list of a few examples.

Seeking Scientific Research Funding

    • GolombResearchGroup dot org [environmental health research, Gulf War and veteran health, electromagnetic sensitivity, etc.]
    • EnvironmentandCancer dot com [Cancer research, electromagnetic research]
    • EMF-portal dot org [Aachen University, provides electromagnetic research]
    • EHTrust dot org [Supports environmental health research, including electromagnetic]
    • Dr. Olle Johannsson [History of screen dermatitis and electromagnetic research]
    • IPACE [Digital archive project - see further below]

Seeking Reporting & Educational Funding:

    • Katie Singer at KatieSinger.com [speaking engagements, writing, research]
    • Kirstin Beatty at Beatty.fyi [speaking engagements, writing, research, educational lessons]


Information on IPACE, sent by a CA advocate, Nina Beety:

Request for assistance for the International Planetary Association for Clean Energy by President Dr. Andrew Michrowski. It has a new website . One of their projects is to digitize their archives and make these documents available. This is a wonderful scientific organization based in Canada that runs on a shoestring. Please help them if you can. They help us. Also, American dollars go further in Canada due to the conversion rate.

Independent collaborative scientific organization requests assistance for more initiatives

From the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Inc./ La Société planétaire pour l'assainissement de l'énergieInc. - PACE

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) is a non-profit, charitable corporation whose objects are to facilitate the discovery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of clean energy systems. PACE is an NGO Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). Our work is possible through contributions by our generous supporters.

PACE request for timely support:which can be made out:

– via our PayPal Donation Page (Accepting PayPal transfers, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute are all accepted by PayPal), in Canada:

– by Interac e-transfer to: paceincnet@gmail.com ,

– by VISA/MasterCard telephone (888) 639-7730 (toll-free in North America), or

– by cheques / money order to:

PACE, Inc., 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8, CanadaÂ


Digital Archive Project: Throughout half a century of research and public information development, the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) has produced and collected a vast, internationally recognized special library comprised of many rare or original documents. At the current time, the special library mostly exists in physical, hardcopy form, and is not widely accessible to the scientific, technological research and development and lay communities. In early 2020, PACE embarked on a project to formally archive, curate, digitize and publicize the contents of this collection in order to help disseminate the information and further advance the mission of PACE. As a first step towards the development of this digital initiative, PACE has updated it's website: http://pacenetwork.org . We welcome all feedback and contributions towards further developing this initiative.

Research and Public Information Development (RAPID) on ADVANCED and TRANSFORMATIVE CLEAN ENERGY SYSTEMS (therapeutics, life sciences, consciousness, energy, environmental protection and conservation, aeronautical and space sciences (especially advanced propulsion systems), archaeology (recovery of indigenous insights for planetary restorations).

On-site evidence gathering for a class action suit concerning existing and emerging electromagnetic field emissions when they are injurious to society, fauna and flora - to at least 30% of population in developed areas. This case could have worldwide repercussions. View: collectiveactionquebec.org

Prototyping stand-alone electrical energy supply / re-instatement of soil and water resources for sustainable communities, internationally.

If you wish to obtain details about these humanitarian and scientific developments, please ask us.

Two things to add. Keep in mind that the object is to unplug for kids - not just hard-wire. Close contact with electricity and sitting all day long in schools or at home is unhealthy. Old-fashioned books and printing are healthier than screens.

Secondly, the reason for school irradiation is because our government only funds wireless and mandates tech use in nearly every subject and grade. This is why removing the mandate for technology is crucial - hard-wiring is an expense schools cannot afford and cannot quickly accomplish. A 2018-2019 bill put forward in Massachusetts by co-chair Kirstin Beatty accomplishes this task: S. 294, An Act Limiting Screen Time.

Massachusetts legislators didn't bother to give this common sense bill a chance. This is why we need more public support.

      • Piti Theatre Company (children's shows on electromagnetic sensitivity or impacts on bees, etc.)

ADA and FHAA Accommodations. Citing the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Amendments Act to your municipality as a reason not to install antennas, whether smart meters or small cell towers nearby has been recommended by lawyers if you can. The earlier you can make this request, the better, because requests beforehand are more likely to be addressed satisfactorily. Some individuals have cited electromagnetic sensitivity or cardiac issues and some have won in court on the issue of smart meters.

Even if you have a decent ordinance, and if you can claim disability, send a letter requesting in zero close proximity antennas, including so-called "small cell facilities" and antennas attached to utility lines.  As an example, a letter written by co-chair Kirstin Beatty is below.  You can also send a copy to the state attorney general as a formal complaint.

Wireless Accommodations Request Letter

RE: Reasonable accommodation for my disability and medical conditions pertaining to cell towers, close proximity antenna installations, wireless devices, and WiFi in the City of Holyoke

FROM: Kirstin Beatty

Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act and/or Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Title 10, in addition to other state and federal laws against discrimination, it is unlawful discrimination to deny a person with a disability a reasonable accommodation of policies, procedures, and activities, where necessary to avoid discrimination if such accommodation may be necessary to afford such person full enjoyment of the premises or equal access and/or participation in programs and services.

I am a qualified individual with a disability and medical condition as defined by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504, Title 10, as well as other related state and federal discrimination laws.

Wireless exposures cause my disability and aggravates my other medical conditions. I am informing you, so that you can be sure to attend to accommodations and take due care to prevent any further harm to my health or rights of access.

According to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, local governments cannot deny wireless infrastructure based on environmental health concerns. Local governments do, however, have some control over placement. Additionally, telecommunication providers clearly also have this control. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations must be provided to prevent access barriers.

Therefore, I want you to know that I need accommodations to allow continued travel throughout Holyoke, nearby towns, and for travel to the State House in Boston. I have noticed increasing difficulty with travel as wireless levels have risen over the past year. As result, I have tried to change my driving routes and have limited my travel to limit deleterious effects. However, I can’t go on indefinitely limiting my travel or changing driving routes – I must have some accommodation.

Secondly, I am concerned about the exposures to my own residence, which sits near the major interstate 91 and is high enough on the side of Mt. Tom to receive many of the signals sent to the highway and sent from transmitters atop Mt. Tom. Clearly, direct exposures to my residence are also a problem. Therefore, not only do I need attention to where transmitters are placed, but if installations are permitted, then attention that these transmissions are not aimed at me, including my place of residence and where I spend time.

Thirdly, I cannot attend or participate in many events, because of the use of WiFi or wireless devices. I must limit all of my activities so as to avoid wireless exposures. A third accommodation request is to limit use of wireless devices and WiFi in Holyoke municipal buildings and to request that others put devices into airplane mode.

One of my accommodation requests for Holyoke local government is to deny all issuance of permits for new wireless infrastructure. I realize this may seem unreasonable, but I’d like to point out that wired infrastructure works and works well – and it is not as if wireless providers cannot afford to pay for wired infrastructure as profits are extreme. Also, Holyoke and nearby towns already have hundreds of antennas and towers which are not only adequate to the task, but excessive for telecommunications.

Here is an additional list of accommodation requests:

1) For Holyoke City Council and Holyoke Gas & Electric: Please fully meter and account for energy costs of wireless infrastructure, rather than leaving this burden to taxpayers. If there are permits issued, please insure these transmit away from my residence and where I spend time. Please do not issue permits or rent utility or other poles for any new wireless infrastructure in Holyoke, in particular within a mile of my home as well as by:
• Route 5,
• near Interstate 91,
• near the Holyoke Medical Center,
• in residential areas,
• at Ocean State Job Lot,
• at the Stop & Shop grocery stores,
• at the Holyoke Library,
• at the Holyoke Post Office,
• along Dwight Street,
• by Holyoke Community College, and
• en route to South Hadley or Easthampton via Route 141.
2) Holyoke Gas & Electric: Please stop requiring an additional payment to read the meter, since in any case the reason for disabling the wireless emissions is my disability and it does not seem right to require a payment to avoid harm. Please also reinstall analog meters for the entire town, instead of adding to the levels of wireless radiation in homes and along streets with high-powered transmissions from the utility meters. I do notice these meters are a problem when walking, and I do not want to visit homes with these meters – these are an access barrier as well.
3) Holyoke City Council: Please make an effort to cut wireless exposures and reduce exposures as much as possible, including at City Council meetings – please regularly request that visitors put cellphones in airplane mode so as to establish a habit of turning off transmissions, and please insure that microphones, filming equipment, etc., are all wired. Please also limit police use of transmitters, avoiding wireless surveillance devices for example.
4) Holyoke Telecom [Gas & Electric]: Please limit use of hotspots by hard-wiring systems. If installing a fiberoptic system, please do so with respect to reducing transients, harmonics, and wireless emissions. For example, apparently fiberoptic connectors can leak excessively and be more of a problem than cable leakage – cable leakage is already a pretty bad problem, capable of causing interference with airplane systems. If relevant, please also make efforts to reduce dirty electricity, or transients and harmonics (see following number).
5) Holyoke Gas & Electric: Dr. Sam Milham wrote an interesting book called Dirty Electricity which discussed his initial findings on dirty electricity, or transients and harmonics, on health, as well as discussing the problem of ground current. As a municipally-owned telecom and utility system, Holyoke could be a leader in reducing harmful electromagnetic exposures, thereby improving not just the lifetime of electronics, but the lifetime of people. As awareness and research continues to increase on this issue, action on this could also make Holyoke even more attractive to outside investment as well as to residents if Holyoke took preemptive action to reduce such exposures.
6) Holyoke Waterworks: Please research how to change to an analog meter to gauge water usage.

A benefit of heeding my accommodation request is reduced liability for all concerned. Although local and state governments have been told that environmental concerns cannot be considered with regard to permits, any use of municipal property for wireless communications subjects local governments to liability. Close proximity wireless infrastructure poses an even greater liability risk due to proximity to residences and businesses equating to higher exposures and likely greater harm.

Environmental health risks of non-thermal radiation, including wireless, have been demonstrated in copious laboratory and epidemiological (statistical) research – the Bioinitiative has organized some sample studies, as has Dr. Joel Moskowitz online at SaferEMR dot com. At least one study, by the U.S. National Toxicological Program, indicates that higher levels of exposure increase health risks. Many peer-reviewed studies show harm resulting from wireless exposures. The great majority of scientists in the field accept biological effects are caused by exposure, and merely study rather than deny effects. Denial appears to exclusive to persons outside the field or to well-paid industry consultants, the latter such as described by journalists of Investigate Europe. To deny risks and fail to act is negligent in the extreme.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to any helpful response.

Please see the ordinances page.

Stop work order. The Children's Health Defense Fund suggested using Covid19 as a reason to avoid telecommunications permits and construction with a stop work order. A letter requesting a 5G emergency ordinance is available at CHD. More on the subject below.

The Presidents has declared a national emergency.

From https://www.unsafeatanyg.com/petaluma/moratorium/

[City] can and should join Simi Valley, CA, Easton, CT and Keene, NH and take full advantage of this novel set of circumstances to legally declare a moratorium — a legal temporary delay on the processing of applications, placement, construction or operations of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) of any size and any G — until the federal national emergency has been declared over. This is even expressly stated in FCC Order 18-133 which supersedes FCC Order 18-111, both mentioned below.

    • StopSmartMeters dot org has a "Sample Letters"  page & more
    • A sample ADA letter for opting out of wireless meters is available from ElectrosmogPrevention dot org (see "No smart meters campaign" > Legal > ADA Accommodations . . . ) which may serve as a model

Some MA utility providers allow opt outs, some at cost - and there is a MA state bill, S. 1988, which would allow free opt outs if passed.

The California Brain Tumor has remote wireless education recommendations.

Environmental Health Trust has advice for schools.

To make the best of remote education, home life, and wireless workplaces, also integrate the following:

      • Limit use to need - avoid use for entertainment
      • If necessary, such as for setting up check-ins, routinely schedule phone calls for certain times of day
      • Prefer pen and paper always - even compared to a hard-wired computer due to screen light and fields (emissions) from electricity
      • For teleconferences, avoid video (more wireless exposure, more energy costs) - use voice conferencing instead
      • Use conversation, chalk, books and handouts instead of tech
      • Use a hard-wired connection when needed - or text or use speakerphone if unavailable
      • Keep your distance from electricity (circuitry, plugged-in digital devices and appliances)
      • Keep your distance from transmitting antennas - do not carry a cellphone around
      • Keep any devices in airplane mode
      • Always unplug at night - a crucial time for health
      • Unplug trivial devices - anything with an FCC ID on the back likely has an antenna
      • Even better, toss your TV and router since successfully turning off wireless functionality is a headache - and find something else to do
      • Get a meter that measures wireless, to test devices - such as an Acousticom meter, which is fairly accurate for 4G wireless
      • If possible, turn off the electricity in sleeping areas and where unnecessary - and study Dr. Samuel Milham's work for why

Some steps are easy - such as unplugging or using airplane mode or even hard-wiring a cellphone. These steps can be found online with a search or in fact sheets available via EHTrust dot org and other groups.

Advanced steps to reducing artificial electromagnetic exposures, however, can be difficult, expensive, and error-ridden. Many people simply can't and on't do everything suggested. However, if interested, here are some sources:

      • CreateHealthyHomes dot org (articles on hard-wiring TVs, etc.)
      • BuildingBiologyInstitute dot org (training, vids, & articles)
      • EMFanalysis dot com (basics, alternative word processing, etc.)
      • EIwellspring dot org (safer homes)
      • Magneticsciences dot com (meter rentals)

  • Screentimenetwork dot org (see "Resource Library" and "Screen Time Action Kit")
  • Zonein dot ca (therapist Cris Rowan has fact sheets, book recommendations, and products such a Zone In program for schools or consultations)
  • Humanetech dot com (see "Take Control" for tips)
  • Humanetech dot com (see "Ledger of Harm"for research)
  • WirelessRiskAssessment dot org/E-safety (E-safety and wireless safety flyer for teens)

  • ProPrivacy dot com (Online privacy reviews)
  • RestorePrivacy dot com (Online privacy reviews - note Brave Browser CEO is anti-LGBTQ and Brave stands accused of allowing money to flow to gross organizations)
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Chromebook privacy settings
  • EFF Google student account settings
  • Recommendation parents formally opt out of sharing of student information
  • ACLU school privacy resources & advice
    Concerns over school apps - "Certain information about students is fair game for data brokers. Parents must formally opt out to prevent the release of their child’s “directory” information."

ACLU offers schools resources including model privacy policies and advice.

  • ACLUM dot org (see privacy and surveillance - as well as legislation)
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (sends federal action alerts)
  • MocoSafeG dot org (Has a flyer on privacy and wireless)