We support all actions to place people and the environment before profits.

Please bear with us while the site undergoes additional construction for our initiatives.

Our Legislation and Petition Initiatives

From now through October at minimum, we are gathering signatures to put 2 petition initiatives on the ballot for voters to pass legislation directly. Our 2023 petition initiative topics include: (1) limits on wireless radiation (donate here to ballot committee RadLimits at Last Tree Laws and learn a little more) and (2) limiting the power of the state Speaker of the House and state Senate President over all other legislators and bills so that all legislators have an equal ability to pass legislation their constituents want (donation link should exist by Monday 24 September).

We are delaying this year a (3) privacy petition initiative in order to complete revisions. Note that the radiation limits petition was not approved, but we are gathering signatures because we feel we are justified in challenging this in court and that we need to do so now.

For signature gathering instructions , we will use this page of forms to help count signatures, give petition and filing instructions, and take requests for petitions – this page is still partly under construction. Please bear with us while we update our website! We will also set up our donation pages to send petitions to individuals making the request. Please bear with us while we update those pages! Please join our email list to learn more, and reach out to us to volunteer skills.

We need you! Please volunteer and donate, too, because petitions are tough and expensive.

We also curate a list of relevant legislation recommendations and criticisms, currently focused on the state level.

Our Strategy and You

We know that good ideas get stolen to kill fair details, good leadership, and to serve special interests. We know that industry creates leaders within grassroots movements to take away support from people like us, who are sincere. We work especially hard to serve the people — everyone — rather than special interests. However, no one is an island and we need you to share information, ideas, and help.

Contact us to collaborate, submit a resume, or volunteer.

On shared goals, we will collaborate when time and will credit others where due and desired. Please likewise reference Last Tree Laws when using our work, to allow the support to grow that is needed for this work to continue.

For more about us, learn about our name and issues (with resources).

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