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KidTech – Initiative Petition for a Law Relative to ‘Kid’ Tech

Why? Because Massachusetts has an F for privacy and a constitutional amendment for privacy takes years to pass, we need a law now to protect kids from exploitative technology and data collection.


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What is in the proposed law?

This law restricts the amount of data that can be collected in schools through higher education to only that necessary.

This law also adopts a proposed California law, the California Age Appropriate Design Code Bill discussed here and here and here. That law applies to youth under 18, and would in Massachusetts, too.

One requirement of that law is that software and technological practices be designed with the best interests of youth in mind, including prioritizing privacy, safety, and well-being. The highest level of privacy must be maintained and addictive interfaces curtailed. Any data collected must be used only as for the reason(s) it was collected, and that must be clearly specified. If software allows parents to track children, then children should be given a signal this is so.

It requires a task force to recommend best practices for compliance that is composed of experts in privacy, physical health, mental health, children’s well-being, technology, and children’s rights.

Of course, age must be verified, and so the law requires that age verification be minimally invasive.

This bill also removes state mandates that require use of technology in PreK, first grade, and on up across subjects, and instead requires annual or biennial hearings on screen time in the local community and a decision afterward by local school authorities on the amount of appropriate screen time and appropriate types of technology.

If interested, the California bill is still being consider for adoption in California, and you can see the status of that bill here.

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