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Because so much needs to be done for environmental health and democracy, we need you for a people’s petition initiative!

With more than 100,000 signatures from registered voters in 2023, we can place a question on the ballot for Massachusetts voters to decide on legislation – bypassing industry influence on state and federal legislatures.

Your support will decide what and how much we can do.

We hope to operate on the economies of scale and public support. We will need not only signatures, but your financial and lobbying support to insure the quickest passage of great laws!

2023 Petition Initiative on Privacy Rights – Constitutional Amendment

We wish to limit online and ‘smart’ device data collection and prevent data misuse through a constitutional amendment – doing so should also help limit the excessive power of technology companies. Our proposal was approved in 2022, but we will wait till 2023 to improve the proposal with feedback and build the infrastructure for signature gathering. We will post a donation button in October – soon. We will eventually post information for volunteers or suggestions.

2023 Petition Initiative on Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits

We need access to safer technology because many experts say there is evidence of harm from exposure, including a number of former U.S. NIEHS leaders. Several tech-advanced countries, like Cyprus, Israel, and France, have already banned WiFi partly or fully in sensitive areas like schools, and/or limited being close to technology (due to fields near electricity). This proposal, which will be further improved for 2023, limits non-ionizing radiation exposures. For more information, click the donation button.


The following petitions are possibilities, but need further editing and consideration of how best to proceed. Except for the first, these may be considered for legislation if time allows and if completed by early January 2023:

2023 Petition Initiative on Real Reporting of MA Conflicts of Interest

Government official conflicts of interest are poorly reported in Massachusetts, with numerous loopholes preventing transparency or consequences. This is still in draft form.

2023 Less Chemicals for Our Ecosystem ~ Law/ Petition Initiative

Our objective is to protect public and environmental health by limiting chemical exposures and creating a review process. Although content was proposed as discussed here, the content needs to be narrowed and formatted as a law to be approved as a petition initiative, and so it needs further work. The content could also be proposed as a law in January 2023, if there is adequate time.

2023 Regulate ‘Kid” Tech ~ Law/ Petition Initiative

We want to protect people, especially youth, from harmful effects of technology such as tech addiction and privacy loss. This proposed law requires that youth be protected from privacy loss and manipulation via technology, and that violations result in financial penalties. The content was found acceptable for a petition initiative, but may be further edited as it is formatted into a law.



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