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We’re seeking team-oriented, brave and brilliant team members to help move forward a ballot question through a petition initiative (signature drive) and potentially also to help with our other advocacy work.  In order to run a state-wide petition initiative, we need a larger team.

Right now, we are looking for volunteers. Later, hopefully we will be able to pay some amount for some positions.

Please read the details below and scroll down for application instructions.


Through a ballot question, we are seeking to place a law for more transparency about conflicts of interest of government officers on the Massachusetts ballot because the existing law is very weak.

Placement on the Massachusetts ballot would be accomplished through a petition initiative, or a signature drive. Last year a weak proposal was submitted with one error, which has been corrected. The proposal has been amended, but is not yet finalized.

We actually do not need petition initiative volunteers to work on our other legislative issues but would welcome that support. Our other legislative advocacy has been for ecology, education, clean government, tech regulations, and environmental health. Unusually we have lobbied for safely hard-wiring communications, such as currently for amendments to hard-wire that can be found online here and here as written by Kirstin.


We are volunteers and currently need other volunteers. We are not yet ready to hire and pay a salary or stipend, although this may change. As funds are raised, we expect to use those funds to cover approved work expenses.


We’d love to complete a successful signature drive this fall and lobby legislators through this fall and winter. However, if this isn’t possible, then we would begin a signature drive in the fall of next year.


We can meet and work both remotely and, using public spaces, in person. In addition, team members will have access to our online services for group work.

As much as possible, we will support safer, hard-wired working conditions for our team members. We expect wireless transmissions are off during group meetings.


Good sportsmanship and kindness is key — we’d like a team that gets along gladly and is respectful to people of all kinds — all genders, religions, heritages, disabilities, social classes, ages, etc.

We need people with a good work ethic, who can be honest about what they can do, what they need, and who will finish an assignment on time as agreed.


We do not expect one person to fill all of these needs — this is a list of the work that needs to be done.

    • Collecting signatures (during signature drive).
    • Publicity & marketing, journalism, radio, social media
    • Lobbying
    • Fundraising
    • Outreach coordination
    • Data entry, IT assistance & operations:
      • Listserv management
      • Membership and donor management
      • Spreadsheets
      • Online video and chat
      • Ungoogled useful groupware and tools
      • Accounting and paychecks
    • Legal writing, research, opinions
    • General research
    • General writing, editing
    • Critical and creative thinking


We’d like to insure anyone applying to support this petition initiative is sincere and reliable. Please send your resume with contact information for references.  In addition, please answer the following questions on an additional sheet or in the email:

    • Please explain why you are interested, how you wish to contribute, and what evidence exists in your background that this is an appropriate job for you.
    • Do you wish to and are you able to volunteer and if so, for how long can you volunteer and at what schedule?
    • During any in-person group meetings, are you willing to turn off wireless transmissions?


To apply, please send by post to c/o K. Beatty, Last Tree Laws, 149 Central Pk Drive, Holyoke, MA 01040, or by email as follows:

  • Send to In front of and the @ sign, write these words: apply.
  • In the subject header of the email, please place your name.
  • Cut and paste your cover letter and your resume into the email.
  • Remove all images from your email and documents.
  • Do not add any attachments to the email — these will not be opened.















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