Amending Amendment



For Better or Worse: Constitutional Amendments can be Amended


Any proposed constitutional amendment can be amended by a vote of the legislature, and so it is important to lobby legislators to be in agreement to improve and not harm the proposal.

Plan A is to meet with legislators to discuss potential amendments and devise an agreed-upon positive amendment. However, legislators will not meet unless constituents ask, so your help is needed. Please join the mailing list available here, so you can ask your legislator to attend a meeting on the subject — once details are set, the information will be sent by email.

Amendments which strengthen and improve the proposed constitutional amendment to provide public reporting of conflicts of interest ARE DESIRED. The content of this constitutional amendment could be improved, such as by:

    • requiring a full disclosure of debts;
    • requiring actual dollar amount disclosure from close relatives; and
    • tightening vague language.

Plan B is shameful public exposure, if legislators plan and propose amendments which weaken the proposed constitutional amendment.

Plan C is positive public exposure, where desired, when legislators support positive improvements to the proposed constitutional amendment.


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