CT Legislation

Connecticut Legislation

Missing good legislation! Legislation must be submitted, ideally by legislators, and the public needs to lobby for passage. Have you had luck speaking with a Connecticut state legislator? Let us know if so (see contact information in footer).

Problematic legislation was sponsored by 23 legislators and signed by the Connecticut governor Ned Lamont in July of 2019: An Act Accelerating the Deployment of 5G Wireless Facilities HB 7152 (2019).

This problematic bill accepts conditions of the FCC now being contested in federal court, makes little demands upon telcos, and provides a state council to support the rollout of new cell towers and antennas, as follows.

      • The bill creates a 5G Council of (1) an employee of the Office of the Governor, (2) Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (OPM), and (3) Commissioners or designees of Administrative Services, Transportation, and Energy and Environmental Protection.
      • This council will:
          • Accept and review applications for personal and small wireless facilities on public land.
          • Create one or more generic licensing agreements, common forms, and a fee structure.
          • Accept and review comments from any party within 500 feet of an installation and perform periodic due diligence of safety, environmental concerns, and state bonding.
          • Work with municipalities and private landowners for sitings.
          • Identify which public land is available for sitings, or private property if public land is not available.
          • Determine, in accordance with FCC rules, with preference for collocation, which sites are available by majority vote.
    • Mobile carriers must:
          • Submit an application with an inventory of existing installations and future plans, updating every two years.