Our Issues

We support all actions to place people and the environment before profits. Our focus now is on the MA voter signature drives this September 2022 for proposed ballot questions:

  • Limit Non-Ionizing Radiation (e.g. wireless, electronics) – see RadLimits

  • Regulate ‘Kid’ Techsee here

  • Constitutional Amendment for Privacysee here

  • Less Chemicals for our Ecosystemsee here

Our Strategy

We believe it is now or never. We put forward and organize petition initiatives for laws the people but not politicians will support. We write other legislation, analyze politics, research, and strategize with members to persuade from the local to national level. When time, we support other’s work in and outside Massachusetts.

We hope you can help. Join our email list, events, volunteer, and take action!

Our Difference

We know that good ideas get stolen to kill equity and serve special interests at our expense. We work especially hard to make sure that the details put forward serve the people, being a critical voice where necessary.

We will collaborate on shared goals when time, and credit others where due. Contact us to collaborate. For more, see about us and our issues (& resources)!


We notice our work has been copied or mentioned without credit, because we’re awesome. Please reference us when using our work. Share credit like water.


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