We prepare & support our own state ballot questions and legislation, supporting other’s work when time, to place people and the environment before profits.

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We provide research and materials to lobby locally, campaign, educate for good laws, and to halt or fix the bad.


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Fall 2022 we will launch a signature drive to support a Massachusetts constitutional amendment, or 2023 if necessary.  This requires a great deal of planning and support, so please sign up for news and how to help HERE.

Please sign up for info here.

In sum, this proposed constitutional amendment requires real conflicts of interest reporting of designated state officers that is public, useful, and randomly audited.

This would also apply to candidates for the Massachusetts delegation to U.S. Congress, President and Vice-President.

The proposal is still in draft and so content may be changed.

A more comprehensive discussion can be found here.

Constitutional amendments can be amended by the legislature. Therefore, your help will be needed to help set up meetings with legislators to prevent misuse.

A version of this ballot measure was submitted in 2021 to the Massachusetts Attorney General and was found to have one error, illegal inclusion of judges. This error has been fixed. The extra time resulting is being used to rewrite and strengthen the proposal.

Volunteers are needed to help by sharing on social media, writing letters to the editor, and get out the message. Guest speakers and article writers are also needed. Please take your own initiative, or check back for more information on how to help -- you can also join the email listserve here!

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Here are 3 steps to send a check:

    1. Address check (cash is restricted) to:
      • CIRK Beatty Last Tree Laws
    2. Mail to:
      • Kirstin Beaty, c/o CIRK, 149 Central Pk Dr, Holyoke, MA 01040
    3. Include this information (required by law - the state accounts for this and it is public information):
      1. Your occupation
      2. Your employer
      3. Your name and address

Volunteer help is always needed for success, but also volunteers are sought to help work one-on-one with this campaign.

If you have organizing, technological, publicity, writing, speaking, education, or other valuable skills which you would like to share, please send an introductory email that is text-only (no attachments or images please) describing how you can help, your background, why you are interested, and contact information.

If you would like to meet in person, there isn't an office, so it requires some organizing. Please email.

Also, Kirstin would like to apologize for being late and missing someone at the Easthampton Library on Saturday, 23 April, walking right by each other on the stairs.

Please find the new lobbying calendar in the side bar of any post.

I know you care if reading this, so please help!

  • How to help with non-ionizing radiation regulation e.g. wireless:

  • SUPPORTING OTHER ISSUES - please see the MA Legislature page for bills on other topics. For example, to prevent wood-burning(biomass) being listed as 'green':
    • Find your state senator and your state rep and email or call to ask them to support S.2186/ H.3362 and S.2197/H.3333 -- if they already have, please thank them. For details, see here.
  • EDUCATION - Please help lobby your legislators to regulate non-ionizing radiation, meeting in-person, because we need to make clear why this issue matters, and why legislators should risk being punished by leadership by supporting the regulation of Big Tech. These FAQs might help. Education is the answer! Contact us to join you by Zoom.


  • Money, money! Pittsfield issued a cease and desist order to turn off a cell tower in Pittsfield, but could not afford to cover the costs attorneys for the case and so are planning to pull the order. Attorneys Dafna Tachover and Scott McCullough participated, drafting a sample cease and desist order.
  • Check out the MA legislation page for news on bills.
  • Please join our general email list because we will send information on lobbying

If you feel that the smart grid or wifi is a civil rights issue, then file a civil rights complaint with the attorney general's office. Please send a copy to us as well.

The MA dept. of utilities hires the attorney general's utility lawyer, so complaining to the attorney general's utility division about the utility is fairly useless.

Please stay posted to support these bills. Sign up to help support state legislation HERE.

Please also make contact using our email address:

Support Gigi Sohn for FCC Commissioner! We have heard from someone who knows her that Gigi Sohn is reasonable, such that even if she does not know, she listens and is fair. Right now, our FCC Commissioners are in the pocket of industry, so we need someone different. She is being attacked and supported by people on the left, but it is hard to verify from talking heads. One criticism is she is going to censor the Net, but if you check where she worked, Public Knowledge, a proposal on the subject says not to censor conduct, not content, and seeks to protect Section 230, which many have sought to undermine despite being a key to protections.  Senators in these states need to hear from constituents: Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Maine and West Virginia, especially:
1) Schumer - NY- Senate majority leader who needs to bring her nomination to vote (Note technology conflicts of interest)
2) Cortez - Matso - Nevada
3) Kelly - Arizona
4) Kamala Harris
5) McCrowski - Alaska
6) Collins - Maine

Call Feds! Tell Biden & your federal legislators we want wired communications only - and tell your state legislators you want wired-only too! See our 2 phone scripts, contact info, & summary of federal wireless legislation.

Safe & Sound Pro measurements - Dr. Magda Havas asks citizens to survey and report local wireless levels. See https://globalemf.net for information.

FDA Legal Petition - File a comment with the FDA to describe specific harm to you and others, including financial loss and physical harm, from wireless exposures or RFR, since more comments and specifics can strengthen the case legally. Here are brief sample comments.

Canary in a Gold Mine - Local MA theatre company is streaming a show on electromagnetic exposures with KO festival - or see PTCO.org.

Following are signature or action requests from different organizations.

Urge FAA and SpaceX to conduct a full environmental analysis of SpaceX - Michael J. Parr, American Bird Conservancy: "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has pushed back the final review of SpaceX’s Starship rocket project in Boca Chica, Texas, due to a deluge of comments from activists like you." [They send a lot of mail afterwards, but nearly all for birds].

Wired Only Letter! This letter was prepared by CHD, which was part of a winning lawsuit against FCC for arbitrary guidelines. Share the news with this automated letter - click here.

Sign to End Mobile Phones

If you are looking for research or information on any of the issues, please see the Resources page, which also has information on how to reduce exposures to wireless if that is of interest.


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