Asking Legislators to Sponsor Bills – Model

The following is an UPDATED model to ask state legislators to sponsor bills as listed under MA Legislationmake a phone call first!

Legislative contact information can be found at the MA legislature or Openstates. For Kirstin’s #, contact by email!



Hello Senator ____ and Representative ______:

I’m following up to ask if you would like to be a lead or supporting sponsor on one or more bills to regulate wireless, many written by Last Tree Laws co-chair Kirstin Beatty of Holyoke. A summary of bills is listed in the attachments, details are online at Last Tree Laws under MA Legislation.

Research indicates wireless is extremely harmful to our health, environment, and even a factor in climate change (see links to educational resources in attachments below).

Champions and supporters are needed.

Are you willing to:
    • sponsor or champion any of these bills?
    • join other sponsors to support their existing bills?
    • willing to call or email Kirstin to share feedback or offer assistance?

I hope so – you can email Kirstin using lasttreelaws@ followed by and cc: me if willing to help.

Best wishes,


Attached Below:
  1. Overview of proposed MA Legislation
  2. Educational resources on topic

Overview: proposed MA Legislation at Last Tree Laws:

  • 2020 – in play now!

    1. amendment to make 5G investigation more neutral – see version here or under MA legislation.
    2. opt out of smart meters (S. 1988) – Sen. Michael Moore
  • 2020 > 2021 – bills with prior sponsors:
    1. opting out of smart meters bill (S. 1988, still in play) – Sen. Michael Moore
    2. state recommendations for school exposures (changes recommended to strengthen) – Rep. Carolyn Dykema
    3. local control of cellular siting by railroads – Sen. Keenan
    4. Note – Senator Cyr’s bill on cellphone labeling probably can’t go forward due to a recent federal appeals court decision against labeling.
  • 2021 bills – ready as is:
    1. independent wireless investigation (see 2020 amendment above)
    2. hard-wire libraries
    3. set school policy to reduce electromagnetic radiation/wireless
    4. reduce school screen time, but retaining local control
  • 2021feedback sought, can be adapted
    1. make reducing exposures a quality control measure at hospitals (review)
    2. fund to hard-wire public schools
    3. educate patients
    4. ban certain dangerous facilities (review & discussion)
    5. registering towers – this was cosponsored with me in 2020 by Rep. Gonzalez
    6. Protect school technological privacy and safety (2 or 3 versions exist, one is listed)
    7. invest in hard-wiring facilities – this was cosponsored with me in 2020 by Rep. Gonzalez
  • 2021 bills suggested to write (see link for detailed content)
    1. resolution to reduce wireless
    2. setting insurance requirements on all cellular infrastructure
    3. monitoring of wireless levels
    4. set standard warning label for all manufactured goods (intended to get around prohibition on consumer awareness of cellphone warnings buried in manual)
    5. accounting transparency of state monies invested in telecommunications (will post version from another state when time)
  1. Education:

  2. General facts
  3. Disturbing reproductive effects, presentation reviewed by Dr. Paul Heroux
  4. 71 of 82 studies find wireless harmful to insects likely significant cause of decline; wireless harms & heats bees; research listing of nature’s sensitivity.
  5. At 35:23, Dr. Devra Devries says a cow brain heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit from 6 minutes 5G frequency exposure (39 GHz) – study by IEEE life-long fellow.
  6. Digital technology inordinately draws on energy, increases consumption, and creates pollution and waste.
  7. Climate change may be substantially influenced by wireless increasing electron precipitation (p.4, section 2).
  8. Digital technology is hijacking minds, & digital entrepreneurs are unplugging
  9. Opening of the blood-brain barrier for 2 weeks or more from wireless exposure, Physicians for Safe Technology – note this effect favors meningitis, Alzheimer’s, other nervous system diseases, etc.
  10. Immune & endocrine system harmed, Physicians for Safe Technology (scroll down page for research)
  11. Symptoms of exposure & electromagnetic sensitivity, by Dr. Beatrice Golomb (acclaimed research for work with statins, Gulf War illness)
  12. 5G summary (cataracts, bacterial resistance, etc.) by physician Dr. Cindy Russell
  13. Regulators steamroll health concerns (Dr. Moskowitz, Washington Spectator)
  14. World policy or regulations to restrict exposures, Environmental Health Trust

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