Request to Medical Professionals for Electromagnetic Education

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8 October 2020

Request to All Medical Professionals for Electromagnetic Education

Fighting against environmental pollutants is often hindered by ignorance, corporate public relations, and the fact that the burden of harm often rests on consumers or victims.

In 2012, in my 40s, I realized I was electromagnetically sensitive after surprising pain near routers and cellphones. Yet, others refused to validate my experience, often based on the lack of medical acceptance. I endured losses, including to finances and status of being of sound mind.

Medical professionals have a pivotal say in whether society recognizes environmental pollutants and ensuing harm. The ignorance or knowledge of a medical professional can decide how a patient is treated: whether with scorn, kindness, or intelligence.

Given this social responsibility, I ask that you educate yourself and colleagues on non-ionizing radiation science with an open mind. While resources are listed below for independent study, attending an upcoming medical conference may help establish a broad base of knowledge, earn CMEs, and introduce you to supportive colleagues.

A kindness would be recognition of electromagnetic sensitivity, not just behind closed doors, but as letters to family members and in public, as a political statement ideally with colleagues.

When possible, I do what I can, developing legislation, researching, and writing such as available at However, public awareness and support comparable to the  civil rights marches led by Martin Luther King, Jr, would be far more persuasive to public officials.

In Massachusetts, I’ve seen both legislators and advocates advance corporate-friendly wireless legislation, such as how to help corporations with lost sales or to allow corporations to recommend laws. I’m concerned deceptive legislation favoring businesses will continue to move forward under the guise of “moderation” with empty promises.

I welcome truthful patient education and hope for ensuing political support.


Kirstin Beatty

Co-chair of Last Tree Laws, a Massachusetts ballot measure entity



  1. MA Legislation at; lawsuits and other examples of state legislation on top menu

  2. Register for virtual conference, held 28-31 January, Thursday – Sunday, at

  3. Bioinitiative dot org (see Henry Lai’s research summaries)

  4. Physicians for Safe Technology

  5. is my own site with some information and a job-seeking resume

  6. EMF-Portal search engine (Aachen University, Germany)

  7. Additional resources at


PDF Download: Request for Medical Education





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