Quick Call: Co-Sponsorship Requests!

There is a new list ofbills Last Tree Laws will support, though not all will receive full attention.

Please call your legislators to request support or cosponsorship – instructions below! Senators can cosponsor until public hearings. State representatives cannot cosponsor but getting support from them is very important for future votes!

Most legislators know of these issues, but if you need more info please see the Resources page or news on the home page. There are also posts on Facebook and I’m on Twitter to share social media images too.

Please tell me who you call and who listens or cosponsors so we can curtail calling them.

~ Best, Kirstin


Hi, my name is _________, and I am a constituent of ______ (name town).

I am calling to request that __________ cosponsor or support the bills supported by Last Tree Laws to limit wireless radiation. There are about ten bills, all listed at LastTreeLaws.com and clickable from the first page or the MA Legislation page.

These bills serve to begin hard-wiring the state and limiting our wireless exposures.

I would appreciate if you would confirm support or co-sponsorships. You can call me at ________.

Please understand this is very important! __[SAY WHY OR SAY THE FOLLOWING:]. The Federal Communications Commission is in court about the safety of its wireless exposure guideslines and likely to lose according to recent statements of the presiding judges. The LA public schools were just required by the CA Court of Appeals to provide disability accommodations for a teacher’s sensitivity to wireless. Clearly, there is something wrong with wireless.

Thank you for efforts!