Quick Call: CoSponsorship Requests!

Cosponsorship deadlines are 19 February but earlier coordiation is best.

Below I’m sharing only the bills I’ve seen & supportto regulate technology. Senator Cyr has a relevant bill, but I haven’t seen it and last session I was concerned it didn’t prevent conflicts of interest. So check theMA Legislation page to see all supported bills and see if any others are added to the list. Also, this post will be updated.

Please call your legislators to request cosponsorship – instructions below! Most legislators know of these issues, but if you need more info please see the Local page or news on the home page.

Please tell me who you call and who listens or cosponsors so we can curtail calling them. Who cosponsors will be posted online.

~ Best, Kirstin


Hi, my name is _________, and I am a constituent of ______ (name town).

I am calling to request that __________ co-sponsor the following bills to limit wireless radiation.

Senator Michael Moore is putting forward a bill to allow free opt outs of smart meters, which are wireless. His bill is HD. 163.

Representative Patricia Duffy, of Holyoke, is putting forward several bills that have not yet been filed and have no number. These bills are posted online or being posted online at LastTreeLaws.com under “MA Legislation” and can all be downloaded for reading.

Representative Duffy’s bills include:

    • hard-wiring schools,
    • educating patients on health impacts,
    • and related bills to limit school screen time and protect school privacy.

A few other bills are still in the works, such as a bill to limit cell towers, and will be posted at LastTreeLaws.com as well.

Many other related bills are being listed online at LastTreeLaws.com under MA legislation.

I would appreciate if you would confirm co-sponsorships. You can call me at ________.

Please understand this is very important. The Federal Communications Commission is likely to lose in court about the safety of its wireless exposure guidelines according to recent statements of the presiding judges – clearly, there is something wrong with wireless.

Thank you for efforts!